SKKN Applying some positive teaching techniques to stimulate learning for students in teaching English 7 at secodary school

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Sáng kiến kinh nghiệm “SKKN Applying some positive teaching techniques to stimulate learning for students in teaching English 7 at secodary school”:

During English teaching 7 I have actively used the most active teaching techniques in the teaching process to improve the quality of teaching. The teaching techniques are mainly applied are: tablecloth technique, grafting technique, mind mapping technique.

Mô tả sản phẩm


1.1. Select topic:

. In response to the current trend of globalization, English is becoming increasingly useful and essential tool. English is a means for economic, cultural, scientific and technological activities. Easier, people in the world can understand the exchange of mutual learning both the material and spiritual values. Thanks to the understanding of English, the relationship between people in the international community is closer and closer.

For the Ministry of Education, English was introduced into schools and became a compulsory, important and essential subject at the upper secondary level.

Learning English is simply learning the language, to use that language fluently, the learner needs to practice four basic skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The ultimate goal of learning English is communication. Communication is chosen as the guiding principle of verbal action, both as a purpose and as a means of teaching. This direction will best promote the role of the subject, the product. Extremely, active students in the training of skills. But to make students master the content, communicate and use English effectively, the teacher must design a light lesson, giving students the interest to explore, easy to love the subject , creating a dynamic atmosphere for the class. From this reality, I boldly implemented the topic “Applying some positive teaching techniques to stimulate learning for students in teaching English 7 at secodary school” in the hope to share experiences and knowledge. On teaching techniques with colleagues, and at the same time apply to the practice of teaching to improve the quality of the subject.

1.2. Research purposes:

 For subject research purpose to provide some positive teaching techniques to stimulate learning for students in teaching English 7. With the desire to help students  learn  quite demanding desire, interested in learning English. Promote the positive of students as learners.

– Help teachers improve their knowledge and skills. Get useful experience for yourself.

1.3. Research subjects

– Some positive teaching techniques 

 – The subject that I practiced pedagogy is the 7th grade students.

1.4.Research Methods [1]

– Method of reasoning, logical reasoning

– Methods of analysis, synthesis.

– Open method, question and answer.

– Method of materialization, abstraction.

– Test method.



2.1.1. Teaching methods

Teaching methodology is a way of interacting teachers and students in the field of teaching and learning activities in order to educate and cultivate the education  of the young generation.

       Today’s teaching methodology is a teacher’s guiding and directing approach to organizing students’ cognitive activities and practices, leading to a solid intake of academic content, Form the world view and develop cognitive abilities.

In this view, teaching is the process of organizing students to acquire knowledge. The role of the student in the teaching process is proactive. Thus, the teaching of positive teaching methods is a necessary issue.

2.1.2. Teaching technology

Teaching technology is the measure, how to conduct equipment-based teaching activities to ensure the quality and effectiveness of teaching and learning, or, in other words, how teaching is taught. To study and organize the educational reform in order to ensure the efficiency and quality of teaching.

Teaching techniques are not independent teaching methods, they are components of teaching methods. Teaching technique is the smallest unit of teaching method. In each teaching method there are many different teaching techniques, teaching techniques differ from teaching methods. However, since they are the means of action of teachers and students, teaching techniques and teaching methods have similarities, difficult to distinguish clearly.

Ability to use different teaching techniques in each teacher and it is considered very important to the classroom, especially in the context of innovation in teaching methods in high school. Training to improve this capacity is a task, a very important issue for every teacher, in order to meet the requirements of improving the quality of teaching and learning at school.

Positive teaching techniques are measures and ways in which teachers act in small action situations to implement and control the teaching process. Teaching techniques are not independent teaching methods but are components of teaching methods. Teaching techniques are particularly important in promoting the active participation of students in the process. Teach, stimulate the thinking, creativity and collaboration of students.

There are many different teaching techniques that teachers can use in their instruction to promote student activeness. And in this topic, only some of the active teaching techniques used in teaching English are included. 7. Include techniques: questioning techniques, tablecloth technique, piece technique Grafting, technical thinking diagram ……


According to the program of the Ministry of Education, starting from ……….. has made a new textbook. Therefore, the application of active teaching methods and techniques in teaching is very necessary. However, the application of these teaching techniques in order to promote students’ creativeness and activeness is still limited and many places are formal. The kind of teaching that is so popular in many subjects today is still the teacher who transmits the content presented in the textbook, students hear and memorably passively.

At present, the application of active teaching techniques to teaching is limited. The reason is that some teachers still have the view that positive teaching techniques are very difficult to apply to teaching in 45 minutes in class so very few use these techniques. There are also limited facilities for teaching. Life of a part of teachers is still difficult, so we have not invested adequately in renovating technical teaching methods.

       For students, most do not pay attention to lectures, lack of concentration to answer questions asked by teachers. They are always worried that they are mispronouncing or misleading, leading to their lack of initiative and lack of co-operation while working in pairs or groups with you.

Through the tests for 7th grade, I used teaching aids and applied some common teaching techniques, mainly students who are good at studying, the number of students with weak learning opportunities is low. Active activities. Therefore, learning is often less exciting, monotonous, less interested in the development of personal capacity.

At the beginning of the ……… year, I conducted a survey of seventh-graders attending the following results:

                                                 Survey results of 7th grade

                                                     Quantity: 36 students

Content Frequent Sometimes     Not
Listen to lectures 14 12 10
Answer question 13 15 10
Comment your opinion 10 14 12
Self-realization exercises 11 13 12

The results of the examination showed that the level of listening attention is limited. Students participate in answering questions, comments are few, still students do not voluntarily do homework. At the same time, in many students

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