SKKN Cause exciment and reinforce knowledge in learning english by short songs in grade 6



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Sáng kiến kinh nghiệm “SKKN Cause exciment and reinforce knowledge in learning english by short songs in grade 6” triển khai gồm các biện pháp nổi bật sau:

a1) Objectives
a2) Preparation
1) The points of communication include
2) The view of schools including
3) The view of family
4) The songs of the other topics: (world around us)

Mô tả sản phẩm


.Reason for choosing the topic     

   It is assumed that the more students read, the better readers they become. Therefore, establishing students’ habits of reading is very necessary, especially in the second language learning.

Being aware of the importance of learning skills, authors of new English 6 have chosen interesting topics for learning lessons with the aim to promote students in learning English and improve it. However some of them are not familiar with students’ genre and reading in the text book only is not enough to enhance students’ interest in. Thonis, (1970) suggested: Comprehension skills depend upon two major factors: the background of experiences, from which concepts have been acquired, and the speed, accuracy, and richness of meanings which students bring to word recognition. The advancement of skill in understanding what is read receives major emphasis during the intermediate and high school years. As students become more efficient readers, the written language which they meet in books becomes a source for larger vocabularies, for increased knowledge, and for deeper comprehension of themselves and the world around them.

So many studies and researches have been conducted to find out ways to improve learning English effectiveness. Recently, there have been a lot of researches about the effect of extensive learning English in improving students’comprehension skills. . Myuskens (1983) affirmed that “with students at the beginning and intermediate levels, instructors can use literacy text for language practice, short songs in English and possible aesthetic appreciation”. Strong (1996) also stated that “extensive singing short songs in English can encourage students to develop positive attitudes toward skills”.

         English is an excellent language to learn, whether it’s for business, travel or personal reasons. Learning any language requires hard work, commitment and a willingness to make mistakes, and English is not different. Therefore, improving the quality of education in general and quality of the subject English in particular is one of the concerns leading the current educational.  And it is especially important for the audience as students in secondary school. Secondary school level is erudite firm foundation for the development of knowledge and skills for higher level study. For children ages at secondary school, to school as they reach a new knowledge of the richness and diversity. Knowledge is plentiful but the awareness of the young forest only at a reduced rate. Any understanding of terms, concepts, names are new, hard to understand. So what makes up the knowledge of science with children is difficult. At this rhythm to the development of the country, the sector education and training requires improvement of the quality and number of subjectsTeaching English in secondary schools to give children the capacity to use English words, formed in the children know the basic English skills and use English to communicate. Now through English to facilitate students in developing thinking, established for students to ideas, emotional health…. 

.Research aims                                                                                         

    The action research was carried out with the aim of finding “Cause excitement and reinforce knowledge in learning English in grade 6 by short songs  at Dan Quyen Junior High School” while teaching English in  this school. 

.Research Participants The research  Participants chosen for the research are 95 students in class 6A, 6B and 6C of Dan Quyen secondary school.

.Methods of the study Through the history we have experienced the existence and development of many teaching methods that can be divided into two types: teacher – centred and learner – centred methods. In pre – lesson stage, teachers’ teaching methods are focused on the ways teacher design appropriate activities  to motivate students to write as well as the ways that the teacher elicits pre – lesson activities. In order to have a suitable method, the teacher should take some of the following factors into consideration including learners, teaching purposes and other available classroom conditions. Choosing an inappropriate or not being flexible in applying methods to a certain class may have negative effects on students’ participation.


2.1.Identifying the problem

Today on the media they appear in many television game, attracting a large audience, especially young audiences such as students. All the games, the music television, if asked: Please include the name of the game, the music television that I know? They will answer very quickly such as gold dragon, loss of three stars, music, garden, do you sing along, … Because this is the audience most loyal.

I revealed that all of the teachers have ever met problems when they conduct teaching activities in  lessons. I saw the students made much noises and kept on their personal talks in pre – teaching stage. This may be accounted for the psychological matter of the students. They are, at that age, often talkative and naughty not only inside the classes. I admitted that the students did not do anything, just said in the chairs and kept silent. This should be concluded that may be the students do not like the activities of the teachers. Besides, I gave out some more problems in pre –teaching stage I had ever met such as students slept, they looked out of the windows or leant the other subjects.In brief, action research is a kind of scientific study which is often carried out by a teacher or an educator in order to solve a practical problem in a classroom. As it was named, it focuses mainly on the actions of both students and teachers. So, it can solve the problems which are related to all actions and activities in a classroom. The problems which are solved by action research are often practical and useful for teachers.

To solve the above problems, I wished to change the situation by trying to find out the problems and looked for the appropriate activities for the next class (one teacher can teach more than one class at the same grade) or the next lesson. In addition, no one did nothing and let the class be. 

2.2.Finding causes of the problem.

With many real causes, and objectivity so, in many efforts by doctors and therapy. I try to write some songs with short voice fun, easy to mimic and integrated into a number of questions, some words they have learned to teach the children sing just fun just learning. Real surprise, the children enjoyed singing and singing very boldly, more open, not shy anymore, they also participate in more active, recently students have improved in many subjects English. Although results are not really high but I have integrated the new form to me. Indeed, it was a success. In order to get more professional advice, suggestions and ideas about the problem of finding out “Cause excitement and reinforce knowledge in learning English in grade 6 by short songs  at Dan Quyen Junior High School”  and with the aims of making students at Dan Quyen Junior High School realized the importance of learning English through songs activities ,the author of the research consulted with 95 students who are at Dan Quyen Junior High School

The author of this research decided to carry out the action research to find out “Cause excitement and reinforce knowledge in learning English in grade 6 by short songs  at Dan Quyen Junior High School” and whether the pre – lesson activities are important to teachers of English at Dan Quyen Junior High School. Based on the results of this action research, some changes and improvements could be applied in the author’s lessons, and some appropriate strategies needed to be designed with the hope that students will work more effectively in  learning English. Hopefully that the results of this study would be shared with any colleagues who had the same problem or anyone who is interested in this study.


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