SKKN Content and methods of teaching some lessons related to social knowledge in English pilot class 6

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Sáng kiến kinh nghiệm “SKKN Content and methods of teaching some lessons related to social knowledge in English pilot class 6” triển khai gồm các biện pháp nổi bật sau:

a. Prepare teachers and students for lessons that contain content related to social knowledge:
b. Some relevant social sciences in the 6th grade English program:
* In A closer look 2 of Unit 5
* Next to the skills1 of Unit 5
* In lesson “ Our Tet holiday” Skills 1
* In lesson 9 “Cities of the World”

Mô tả sản phẩm


1.1. Reason for choosing the topic:

In the moment of the future of the land of the current land sources that you will need it. Do not raise the entire education of the education, training the creativity for the quality of, sense, skills, applications and highlighting of educational education. The new learning to learn the method to work in the active activity of the student to the tasking, orbit of each of the field and each of a teacher. Therefore, the renovation of secondary school textbooks as well as the renovation of teaching methods requires the teacher to know how to integrate into the lecture content related to culture, sports, tourism, learn about tangible and intangible cultural values, festivals, relics, natural heritage related to the lecture, the teachers must have attractive teaching methods and guidelines to encourage the students’ diligence, activeness, initiative, creativity and sense of development, contributing to the students’ self-learning ability, encouraging their proposals, innovations and teachers’ performance to teach and learn more effectively.

With that in mind, English in the period of integration and development, the boom period with information technology plays an equally important role. Learning English is not just about learning, it is like a piece of jewelry, which is indispensable in everyday life, learning and work. We find that, in the new Secondary English program, in addition to providing vocabulary, grammatical structures, the authors of the book have incorporated many of these related to the knowledge of the commune. They make the lessons more realistic, helping them to learn a lot of good knowledge, abundance and usefulness of mankind. This leads to asking the English teacher not only to constantly research, create and innovate methods but also to constantly improve and update their social knowledge. But this is not all teachers know and it has caused many difficulties for teachers when the lecture content is related to social knowledge.

Because, in order to successfully complete one lesson, the teacher is required to have not only the technical ability but also the teacher’s knowledge in the subject. his lecture. In English, the teacher must have knowledge of the country, such as the United Kingdom and the United States and other countries around the world in terms of customs, custom, festivals … On the other hand, students who are not familiar with all the social knowledge, especially students in remote areas and students with difficult conditions and less understanding get information on TV or on the Internet. In addition, the English pilot program has been expanded and taught in many rural schools. Social knowledge in many articles has been mentioned. While most rural students do not know and write in Vietnamese, they do not know how to write and how to write in English. So students almost all depend on the teacher. This is why teachers need to grasp and deepen the issues related to social knowledge in each lesson so that students can easily understand and practice. But that’s not all teachers can do.

Especially in the pilot grade 6 English book that follows the program of the ten – year elementary school. Students, even though they have been studying for three years in elementary school, are barely acquainted. Some children do not grasp anything. That’s why in 6th grade all the knowledge is almost new to them. Mean while the content in some articles refer more to the historical relics, wonders in the world. Teachers who have this social knowledge to introduce, tell stories will attract the attention of students, attract the interest of students in the lesson. Through these lessons, they have just discovered the new and applied their knowledge to the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Thus, over a number of years of teaching, through my own experience I have researched, consulted the materials to make the lessons contain content of social knowledge (usually long articles) attractive and Enthusiastic teachers, knowledgeable teachers make the lecture light, easy for children. In this article, I would like to introduce the topic “Content and methods of teaching some lessons related to social knowledge in English pilot class 6” to help the teachers, you colleagues have a useful reference to teaching their subject.

1.2. Research purposes:

For a successful lesson, ask the teacher and the student to work together, try to combine the new teaching method, so that the new lesson becomes interesting and attractive to the children.

In this article, I would like to give some social knowledge related to the lessons in the English program, helping the teacher understand the issues that need to be taught thoroughly, carefully, from which to guide and help. They have a great deal of preparation, thinking about the topic, the topic they are going to study, so that they do not feel too difficult with the content of their lesson. In addition, I would like to offer some methods of teaching social-related topics in the English program 6, for co-workers to refer and apply to their lessons, to help teach each of them. We are richer, more attractive, more efficient, catch up with the development of society.

1.3. Research subjects:

The subject is applied to junior high school students and teachers in English subjects at all levels. Specifically, students of ethnic minority secondary school boarding in Cam Thuy district.

1.4. Research Methods:

– Method of summation through work experience and teaching.

– Study the content of social sciences related lessons in the English program 6.

– Find out relevant information in teacher books, in books and on the Internet.

– Investigation, comparison, analysis and synthesis.

– Tape, disc, pictures and other visual aids.

– Study tables and from social practice.


2.1. Theoretical foundation of the experience:

With the requirements of current method innovation, good teaching is not only the work of individual teachers, but also the activities of the teacher collective, the participation of families and unions. The pedagogical process, is to create a friendly environment, open to students. Fine is not only teaching through books, but also through practice, not only knowledge but also do, practice life skills, learn the history and culture. Good teaching, good learning is not only teachers who teach, but themselves, through active learning activities, collective activities, social activities that help each other grow up, self-training. In order to achieve the above goals, teachers and students should prepare what is before the lesson.

2.2. Situation of the problem before applying the initiative:

In the present time, the period of information technology development such as storms is easier for our teachers to update information through books, television, radio, and especially is through the Internet, where we can learn, explore the endless source of knowledge of mankind. That does not mean that anyone can do, from the fact that I realize:

  1. For teachers:

We all know that teaching is both scientific and artistic. It always requires the creativity of the teacher in the process of teaching. However, there can be no creativity without adequate preparation. Therefore, preparation for class is not only necessary but also a must for not only the new teacher. It is also a great experience for teachers.

In order to have a successful lecture, the teacher must have a deep understanding of the problem he is transmitting. Sometimes the instructions in the teacher’s book are not enough, asking teachers to find out more, in fact, because the working conditions of each school, each region and individual teachers not everyone is easy to find. understand the information. As a result, the teachers understand the problem they are transmitting in an insecure way, embarrassing when introducing the content of the lesson, thus making the lesson become rigid, bored, lively, students not interested in learning. In some cases the student raises a question about social knowledge that is relevant to the content of the unit, but the teacher does not answer, which is not explained by the frustration of the student.


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