SKKN Fostering self – Learning method in English for students in grade 6

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Sáng kiến kinh nghiệm “SKKN Fostering self – Learning method in English for students in grade 6” triển khai gồm các biện pháp nổi bật sau:

3.1. Organizing training courses for students
3.2. Organizing test results
3.2.1. At the time to access all of the class when there is English
3.2.2. Check out the new pos preparation immediately in the period learning English
3.3. Organizing different forms of learning for students
3.3.1. Establishing the English Steering Commision
3.3.2. Divide groups learning acording to living areas

Mô tả sản phẩm

  2. Reasons for selecting topic

When discussing the role of self-learning, former General Secretary Do Muoi said: “Self-learning, self-training is the development path throughout the life of each person, in our country’s current social and economic conditions as well as in the future, it is also valuable traditions of Vietnamese people and Viet Nam nation . The quality and efficiency of education is enhanced when creating the learners’ innovative capacity, when changing the educational process into the process of self-education. The scale of education has been extended when there is a movement of the entire study population“(From a letter to the scientific research seminar to develope self-studing, self-training on June 1 1998).

In developed society, the role of education is more important, as the driving force for development and social progress. Education must train the younger generation to be dynamic, creative, have enough knowledge, capacity and ability to adapt to social life, to develop society. For this, younger generation must have special power is the ability to self-learning, self-enhancing, self-improvement and these abilities must be formed from the school levels. Thus, we can help learners form their self-learning skills, self-study, continuously improve understanding of culture, Science and Technology, modernize their intellectual capital to become citizens, workers with full preparation step into life.

Currently, the education sector has been constantly innovating teaching methods in schools and junior secondary schools. Modernizing methods associates with the practice, accords with the students in order to promote students’ positive potential and initiative in the process of obtaining knowledge. Every year there are many workshops on new teaching methods, active learning is applied widely to deliver the most effective learning for students from grade Ministry of Education and Training, Department of Education and Training and Education and Training. And most recently is the workshop “Improving the quality of English teaching in high schools and junior high schools.”

In fact, students in secondary schools learn a lot of subjects so the investment of time for each subject will be limited. Therefore, if a student does not have the proper learning methods he can not get good grade in learning, but it takes a long time. 

In actual teaching, I found in the process of learning and practicing English, students have to face many difficulties, not their inability to acquire new knowledge that they have no effective methods in learning English. Learning a foreign language requires learners to be passionate, flexible, responsive and especially he must have self- study ability.

Recognizing the importance and necessity of fostering a sense of self-study for students, in the teaching process I have to pay attention to measures to improve the learning spirit of the students to help them have the self-learning approach to deliver effective learning. The experience has been reflected in the theme: “Fostering self-learning method in English for students in grade 6“.

  1. Research purposes 

Research to find out interesting and effective methods to help students learn English better. From then keep them interested in learning English and learning more. 

III. Time – Location -Scope of the study 

This topic is experimently conducted in grade  6 – TRAN PHU Secondary School from August 26, …………

  2. Reasoning base 

In general the teaching process, teaching in secondary schools in particular, teachers keep a particularly important role is indispensable to the organization, control, guide and direct the learning activities of students. But reality shows that, although teachers have thorough knowledge, teaching methods are more experiened but students refused to invest time, no individual work, no desire to knowledge, no passion in learing, no plan and reasonable approach to learning, no motivation in learning … learning does not achieve high results.

So can confirm the role of self-study activities always keep a very important position in the learning process of learners. Studies are factors that determine the quality and effectiveness of learning activities.

Thanks to the self-learning and only by self-learning, can students master new knowledge, understand knowledge, supplement and perfect form of knowledge as well as skills, techniques respectively. This was K.D.Usinxki said: only by students’ self – study can facilitate the understanding of knowledge. And so self-study activities will determine the quality of education – school training.

Students’ self-study activities towards the holistic development of students personality. On the other hand, the self-education activities is not only urgently required and essential student sitting in school to receive their knowledge, improve their understanding of themselves but also have long-term significance during every human life, it is the habit of life long learning, because after leaving college learners must continue: learn, learn more, learn forever.

Self – study not only has implications for the school itself but also greatly contribute to improving the quality of teaching and training. Saying so does not mean lowering the roles and responsibilities of teachers that under the organization, guidance and direction of teachers, students know how to learn, initiative, creativity occupy treasure knowledge of mankind.

Thus, in order to improve the quality of students’ learning in our schools, we need to pay proper attention to the fostering of knowledge, improve the professional level of teachers and pay special attention to the location students in the center of collective action on how to fully exploit the potential inherent in their people and promote self-discipline, positive creative and active in the process of knowledge is to train personnel resources for the country.

  1. The state of teaching and learning English in grade 6

Most students in the study are lack of methods, do not understand all the lesson’s focus, so it is very easy to forget and learn rampant. When forgetting, the old lesson is as the new post, takes a long time.

When teaching English, teacher needs to illustrate visual media. In this way students can understand lesson’s content deeply. However, the use of media as a source of knowledge occupies a very low rate. With that using, students have few self-study activities, most of the activities are operated primarily by teacher , classroom asmostphere is boring, can not stimulate spirit for students, students access the knowledge passively from teachers, this leads to the study outcomes is not high.

According to the passive ways of teaching from teachers, the training of self study skills as well as teacher’s self-study guides can not receive attention that’s why the quality of teaching hours is low.

Besides, my school still does not have audio – visual room exclusively for English subject, equipments such as pictures, recordings, radio are not enough to cater for the teaching. The procurement of equipment serving the study English in their family is limited.




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