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SKKN How to teach ten – Year system English 6 vocabulary effectively

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Sáng kiến kinh nghiệm “SKKN How to teach ten – Year system English 6 vocabulary effectively” triển khai gồm các biện pháp nổi bật sau:

3.1 – Preparation
3.2 – Some principles to teach vocabulary
3.3 – Techniques for eliciting vocabulary
3.4 – Steps for presenting vocabulary
3.5 – Techniques for checking vocabulary
3.6 – Some exercises to check vocabulary

Mô tả sản phẩm

  2. Reasons for choosing the subject.

We all know that English is very important to everybody nowadays, especially to young generation. English is spoken all over the world. It is an international language, so it is a key to open the knowledge treasure of the mankind.

We need English in many fields: in learning, in communicating and in working. Therefore, English is a must have for all the students. Thanks to English, people around the world know, grasp and become friendly with each other.  

English is one of the languages with extensive vocabulary. Therefore, its learners and users encounter a lot of troubles with it. Learning and speaking English fluently is absolutely not easy, since we do not fully understand the manner of pronunciation and usage of stresses of used words which are highly important. Most of students have not studied English in depth; as a result, they do not have enough essential vocabulary to serve their daily learning and communicating. 

Vocabulary is one of the most important parts of learning a language.  To develop any skills such as listening, speaking, reading or writing skills, we need a certain amount of essential vocabulary.  Such vocabulary cannot be built in one or two days, it takes us a long time to acquire, develop and enrich our vocabulary. Therefore, in general students are hesitant and afraid of learning vocabulary.

In the new teaching method, teacher should promote creative thinking and self- perceived competence in knowledge of the learners, mastering knowledge, avoid cramming knowledge. Innovative teaching methods is an extremely important task for each teacher as well as the teaching and learning of foreign languages to achieve the highest efficiency in targeted communication, capture and integrate knowledge with the development of society. To comply with the training objectives and gradually improve teaching effectiveness, innovation approach is a matter of urgency and necessity. New teaching method means each student plays an active role in the process of actively learning.

As a teacher of English in a secondary school, I am always aware of the motivation of the country development, which is improving the quality of education in accordance with the general trend of the country. Therefore, I have thought about the way to teach English with good quality and desired effect. 

From the practical teaching, I have found that: “Teaching English is not a simple matter.” It requires teachers not only to have specialized methods but also to constantly learn to improve their qualifications and always actively seek out new approaches to achieve better results in their English learning and teaching. That is the reason why I always think of the questions “How do students learn and remember vocabulary effectively?”; “How can students comprehend and acquire knowledge promptly?”; “How can students love learning English?”;    “How can students have necessary vocabularies and use their own words in the most effective way?”. Accordingly, I not only try my best to practice in the teaching process but also have a decision to investigate and learn more to find out optimal solutions. In this school year, I have still applied the methods in teaching  English 6 and have obtained certain results.  I hope that my experience will help passionate teachers in practical application and more successful in teaching, so I’m trying to give the initiative “How to teach ten – year system English 6 vocabulary effectively” to receive heartfelt comments of colleagues and education managers at all levels. Moreover, to broaden my experience in teaching and serve practical work in teaching, improving the quality of teaching in the period of renovation.    

  1. Researching aims.

– Finding out the optimal ways in using techniques and games in lessons. This helps students learn vocabulary effectively.

– Sharing experiences with colleagues.

  1. Researching objects.

– Grade 6 students.

– Ten – year system English 6.

  1. Researching methods.

– Reading documents

– Experiences in teaching

– Exchanging experiences and methods with colleagues.

  2. Theoretical background.

For a long time, our teachers have  been familiar with the traditional way of teaching, teacher – centered lessons. However, from the view of “Learner-centered approach”, teaching and learning methods have undergone fundamental changes.  Teachers are not the only people who possess knowledge and impart it; they are just guides, supporters, mentors, controllers, etc. Learners are not people acquiring knowledge passively, but the center of teaching process and actively creative in the learning process in order to achieve their learning objectives. For teaching foreign language in general, and English in particular, innovation in teaching method is completely obvious and particularly significant to communicate by language.                    

Based on theoretical points above, direct participation in learning process, I think playing specific roles and using conversations, especially using techniques and games in teaching in a flexible and natural way, will create joy and inspiration in learning English. 

  1. Practical background.

2.1- Advantages.  

Almost parents are concerned and create good condition for their children’s study. Besides, They always remind their children to  review the old lessons and do their homework before going to school. 

Some students are very studious, they always get good marks in exams. They not only have a curiosity but also interest in the subject, so they usually fully prepare books as well as other instruments for learning. They are the active factors to contribute an English study movement.

In some classes, instruments serving teaching and learning such as teacher’s books, reference books, mini projector, textbooks, workbooks and other teaching aids are provided fully by school managing board. 

Subject teachers also receive the support from other teachers of the same professional groups and colleagues. 

2.2-  Difficulties. 

     Although the facilities, equipments and teaching aids for the subject have been improved, they have not satisfied the current demand yet, especially to some extent the current innovation in teaching methods, forms of teaching organization such as listening room and audio-visual equipment, etc…. 

        The majority of students are not confident in the communication field –  limited practice, so their vocabulary is limited, too; Some students often get bad marks because of their laziness. Meanwhile, there are a significant number of students who have not been good at Vietnamese. They are usually confused in acquiring and using vocabulary, especially in communication. They feel rather afraid of learning because of problems in words’ pronunciation and spelling. That is the reason why students are not always willing to speak English in class.

  1. Teaching experiences and teaching methods. 

Here are some solutions that I have applied in ten – year system English 6 teaching process  in the …….. school year and the first semester of  the ……..school year in  my school.

3.1- Preparation:

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