SKKN Improving gade 7 students’ pronounciation of english pilot program

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Sáng kiến kinh nghiệm SKKN Improving gade 7 students’ pronounciation of english pilot program triển khai gồm các biện pháp nổi bật sau:

1. Learning about phonetic English
2. Learning the phonetic symbols
3. Organization of implementation

Mô tả sản phẩm



1. Introduction.
1.1. Reasons for choosing the theme.
1.2. The purpose of research
1.3. Object of research
1.4. Research methodology
2. Contents
      2.1. Theoretical background 
      2.2. The status of the problem 
2.3. The solutions and implementation.
2.3.1. Learning  about phonetic English
2.3.2. Learning the phonetic symbols
2.3.3. Organization of implementation
2.4. The effects of experience initiative
3. Conclusions and recommendations 
                    3.1. Conclusions
                    3.2. recommendations




1.1 Reasons for choosing the theme.

  Education and training play an important role in the development process of the country. In the current period, the country is on the path of reform, opening-up policy relations with the countries of the world increased significantly. Extensive communication with the countries in the world in English , the international language , has become more more and common and attention.

In teaching English I have noticed that practicing English pronunciation is the misery of our students, especially students in grade 6 and grade 7 whether  they have been studying for 3 years at the elementary level, … and in the end they still do not get the standard English pronunciation. Is learning to pronounce so difficult that can not be learned? or inappropriate teaching methods? Is textbook structure  irrational? or Don’t they know how to learn? 

            According to the old textbook program, the students did not learn about pronunciation so their spelling good or bad depends on the teachers.They leant Enlish pronounciation without rules and methods. That is why after 7 or 10 years learning English, they still find difficulties in speaking and communicating even they can speak fluently, Others can’t understand what they are expressing beacause of the mistakes. Besides, the pilot program presents the vocabulary, the  grammar items tobe leaned and practised through the skills and activities of the unit, it also focuses on pronunciation. Two or three sounds,which frequently appear in the unit are targeted and practised in isolation and in context of “ A closer look 1”.

To help students participate in the English pilot program and overcome this obstacle, I choose content ” Improving gade 7 students’ pronunciation of English pilot program at Thuong Xuan Town Secondary School”.

1.2 The purpose of research.

           In order to help students in grade 7 of pilot program at Town Secondary School, Thuong Xuan District, Thanh Hoa Province understand the sound system in English, especially those sounds are enrolled at the first semester in the textbook 7. Thereby, the students have aware of the importance of phonetics in learning English in general and in particular to communicate in English so they can understand what other people say and what  they say that others can understand.

1.3 Object of research.

Students in class 7A: 35 students

School: Thuong Xuan Town secondary school.

The sound system in the lessons of the first semester textbook 7 of the pilot program, including sounds:


Sounds                       Belong to Units
ə/; /ɜ:/ Unit 1
/f/; /v/ Unit 2
/k/; /g/ Unit 3
/ʃ/; /ʒ/ Unit 4
/ɒ/; /ɔ:/ Unit 5
/ʧ/; /ʤ / Unit 6

1.4 Research methodology.

To complete this experience initiative, I have thought and practiced and have chosen several methods:

– Investigating the reality.

– Read documents that related to research.

– Using opinion surveys.

– Getting to know phonetic English.

– Introducing phonetic symbols in the units.

– Organizing to practice pronunciation with these audio visual media.

– Summarizing, comparing, drawing lessons.


2.1 Theoretical background.

          English is an important subject in the general education program in schools in Vietnam. Basically, students start learning from grade 3, but the reading and speaking English standard has also been faced many difficulties. To improve this requires a huge effort by a team of teachers and students.

10-year language program is a breakthrough in the implementation of the Scheme language 2020. Structure of book focus part of pronouncing on teaching and learning English more comprehensively.

2.2 The status of the problem before applying teaching experience

   For students in grade 7 at Thuong XuanTown Secondary School, Thuong Xuan district, they have learned English pilot program for 3 years but their pronunciation still has many difficulties. The pronunciation of the children are forced, many students are not willing to speak for fear of making errors that always leads to false in reading, speaking and recognizing the sound of the words when making phonetic exercises. 

          Through the survey to identify exercises sound / ə / and / ɜ: / ( English 7, page 9) 


Exercise: Listen and put the words in the correct column /ə/ or /ɜ:/ 

answer – burn – birth – away – hurt – common – neighbour – heard

* The correct answer:

/ə/ /ɜ:/
answer burn
away birth
common hurt
neighbour heard
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