SKKN Improving the quality of thematic vocabulary english courses for students in grade 6 at dong tho secondary school through the use of mind maps



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Sáng kiến kinh nghiệm “SKKN Improving the quality of thematic vocabulary english courses for students in grade 6 at dong tho secondary school through the use of mind maps” triển khai gồm các biện pháp nổi bật sau:

1. Organization of teaching by Mind mapping
* For teachers
* For students
a. The Steps of manners:
Step 1: “Getting Started”
Step 2: “Reading”
Step 3: “Drawing”
Step 4: “Decorate”
Step 5: “Sharing experiences”
b. The steps to design a Mind Map
Step 1: Identify keywords
Step 2: Draw in central theme
Step 3: Draw additional subheadings (level 1 branch)
Step 4: Draw the branch level 2, level 3,…
Step 5: Add the illustrations
c. Organization and operation processes Mind Map drawing in class
2. Use Mind Maps in teaching

Mô tả sản phẩm


* The reasons of selecting the topic:

           Congress of the X th National Party (4/2006) states: The first priority for improving the quality of teaching and learning. Program innovation, content, teaching and learning methods, improve the quality of teachers to strengthen infrastructure of schools to promote creativity and independent thinking of  students ( 12/2007).

           Resolution of the National Party Congress XIth  confirmed “Innovation basic, comprehensive education in the direction of standardization and modernization, socialization, democratization and international integration ”. Education and training can enhance people’s mis- sion, develop resources, fostering talents, an important contribution in building the country, building the culture and people of Vietnam.

           Strictly implement the Resolution 40/2000-QH10 of the National Assembly and the Directive No14 10/2001 / CT-TTg of the Prime Minister, Ministry of Education and Training has been particularly focused on training for teachers gradually improve, innovative teaching methods, promote positive, initiative and creativity of students; whether this is an urgent task to fit just focus throughout the innovation process.

          In recent years, along with the renewal of the basic synchronization in education. English is the one of all languages has an important role in using to communicate with the countries in the world and is regarded as the main second language of teaching courses in schools.

          English has always been the concern of the grade school levels, parents and students to maintain and develop to suit the period of industrialization to modernize the country. Knowledge-based economy is developing contemporary rushing. Education requires training to employees dynamic, creative, teachers must know how to use multiple devices, including the means of modern teaching equipment. To promote the features of the device and works foremost teachers and students need to be familiar, master the operation, equipment operation and must know how to properly use the lesson content requirements. One of the effective methods of optimization ” Mind mapping” in the process of effective teaching for learners. However, Mind maps are alluring and attractive.

         The most important thing in the reform of teaching methods that teachers help students how to brainstorm, altering the quality of the intellectual activity of the students, developing intelligence, their creativity . Currently, in the process of classroom teaching, mainly intellectual activity of students is to remember and reproduce. At home, as students study and do homework … but basically has been directed in the class, so the intellectual activity of the students still heavy on memory training and the ability to reproduce. Thus, exercise ability, imagination and creativity development of wisdom, intelligence … of students in general, is considered the main tasks, the most important task of the teaching process modern. So the crux of the innovative teaching method is to adjust the relationship between reproduction and innovation, to enhance creative approaches to innovation characteristics cognitive activities of students in the process teaching.

         Personally, I really agree with the method used in the schematic teaching process. Because not only charismatic, appealing to students, easy to remember, promote creativity, capacity, also see the whole picture. Mind maps used in teaching is very effective, very scientific and can be widely used in all stages of the process of teaching subjects especially English.

         As an English teacher , I always want my students to understand all the lessons fastest, most proactive, especially the children can apply the knowledge learned in real communication. For this, we need to renew teaching methods in class so that each student more interested in positive learning and memory training  all right in class.

        We all know any languages ​​in the world, to communicate with it, requires us to have a vocabulary because the words are an indispensable component in the language. In English we can not train and develop the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing of students that are not based on the foundation of vocabulary.

        Indeed, without the necessary capital, they will not be able to develop good skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing whether they can master the sentence patterns and grammar. So, help students master the vocabulary to use in the training of skills is very important jobs. On that basis, I myself have chosen the theme of innovative teaching methods: “Improving the quality of thematic vocabulary English courses for students in grades 6 at Dong Tho Secondary School through the use of Mind Mapping”.

  3. Theoretical background.

      In  recent school years, the use of Mind Mapping in teaching has become popular in all subjects like drawing maps or tables but at the simplest level applied infrequently. We record information on these characters, lines, numbers. With this note, we are only using half of the brain – left brain, but never use the right brain skills, which help us process the information on rhythm, color, space and dreaming. We often are only using 50% of their brain ability to record information. As for teaching methods with a mind map is a method currently being implemented with a high degree and advantages to promote the autonomy of student creativity in the search for, deepen or open wide an idea … by using simultaneous images, lines and letters with positive mind. The same topic but can present as a mind map in a specific way, with the use of colors, images and phrases used to express different. It is from there that the mapping always promote creative abilities of each teacher and student. So what is the Mind maps? (MINE MAPPING) is the optimal tool to remember, is the secret of the points 10. An annotation tools are efficient to use difficult words as well as the principles of superior memory. With notes like the left brain and right brain, the vast majority of brain power will be shaken off so to provide optimum efficiency.

     Mind map is invented by Tomy Buzan (British). It is a great tool to help you notes to achieve all the above factors. It can be affirmed that the teaching methods by thinking maps in teaching vocabulary thematic subjects in English is one of the modern teaching methods. The inheritance diagrams, extended recording forms, using tables, diagrams at a higher level. It helps to remember, develop cognitive thinking ability, imagination, creativity, save time. We can review many of the words in a mind map. Diagrams make use of keywords, utilize the principles of superior brain, thereby increasing the ability to quickly acquire, remember all of the students quickly. Visualization, association with colors highlighting the size, diversity image. Chart colorful that students must apply creative imagination than her rich. Creating paintings strictly theoretical. This is a useful tool in the teaching process today.

       In teaching English, based on the images available, the connection vocabulary with images by mind mapping easy for students . Besides the more abstract vocabulary that students can not remember anything, but teachers can use mind maps to consolidate , the lessons will be brief and easy to understand. Through teaching I would give some small experiences in using of mind maps to teach vocabulary in the English subject.

  1. The reality .

       Stemming from the practical needs of learners, mind map has been widely used throughout the country by the Ministry of Education launched in …………


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