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SKKN Some experiences of teaching English speaking skill for students grade 7 in typical English program

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Sáng kiến kinh nghiệm “SSKKN Some experiences of teaching English speaking skill for students grade 7 in typical English program” triển khai gồm các biện pháp nổi bật sau:

1. Before speaking (Pre – Speaking ): introduce new language
2. While speaking ( While- speaking )
3. After speaking ( Post – speaking)

Mô tả sản phẩm



Vietnam has been currently developing and integrating with the world –  a knowledge-based economy and an informative society with difficulties and challenges.  To have a common language with other countries in the region and the world, English plays a really important role.

Foreseeing the importance, English was taught at the early time. Besides, many people understand that they have to use language to communicate and work. This is also the reason why learning English in secondary schools is always concerned  by parents, students and teachers. Therefore, English has become a necessary subject at all educational levels.

However, learning English is a process of trying, effort. Both  teachers and  learners must always cultivate more knowledge everyday. In order to have patience during the process of  learning  English, teachers should evoke excitement of learning a foreign language.

In fact, evoking  the excitement of  learning  English is not a simple thing  but it requires creativity, mobility of teachers and rhythmic combination of learners.

Being an English teacher, I always research and think of solutions and the effective direction  which helps them be fond of their suject and apply flexible speaking skill in life. However, according to the  program of changing the new English textbooks, a book whose both  good content and form satisfies the topics throughout four skills: listening –speaking – reading – writing I would like to mention is speaking skill. The combination of active teaching methods in speaking skill which helps lessons become more lively and  students feel confident to speak English is not easy.

Thus, how do we  do to apply the methods of  active teaching to teaching speaking English skill which  help students become confident when using English?

With my small experience as well as through experience of teaching  in the classroom, I explore the following issue: “Some experiences of teaching English speaking skill for students grade 7 in typical English program at Cam Ngoc secondary school


By presenting this topic, I would  like to share my small effort to help English teachers in secondary schools in the district to have more ideas on teaching speaking skill making lessons lively  and flexible. Besides, I also made a selection of methods which suit the activities in class. Moreover, I would like to contribute a little of my effort to create excitement of English suject.


In order to research on this issue deeply and carefully, I focused on how to apply active teaching methods in teaching and practicing  English speaking skill at secondary schools. However, the object of study I tended toward was students class  7. In the process of teaching  students class 7, speaking skill is not new but it is not easy to apply. Therefore, practicing speaking skill will be necessary. It creates a solid foundation to help students feel confident of communicating in  English in schools and their  life.


To research this initiatives experience, I used two main groups of method:

1. Method of theoretical research.

– Look at the pedagogical documents related to research problems on active teaching methods and  teaching speaking  skills in English subjects.

2.  Method of practical research. 

– Checking , remarking , actual observations, exchange, conversations, summarizing the experience. One of the most important methods is summarizing the experience.


    Comparing with previous experience , this one is researched on teaching speaking skill and applied to new textbook 7 in English typical program.The content and structure  researched mainly are in Communication part.Steps in  teaching this skill mainly tend to teaching and learning actively. The speaking skill’s activities are very various and can help students speak English fluently and confidently.




According to the project “Teaching and learning foreign languages ​​in the national education system in period 2008 – 2020” approved by the Prime Minister on September 30th, 2008. The main aims of foreign language education system is to complete renovation of ​​ teaching and learning foreign language in the national education system, implement the program of  new foreign language teaching and learning at all educational levels, train levels in order to achieve a significant step into qualifications by……….., capabilities of using  foreign language of human resources, especially in some priority fields ; by 2020 the majority of young people who have graduated from secondary schools, colleges and universities have the capacity of using foreign language independently.They are confident in communicating and learning, working in integration, multilanguage, multicultural environment ; make foreign language become variable strength of Vietnamese people.

Thus, learning English is not only reading text, understanding grammar like it ever did before but learners now represent in four skills : listening, speaking, reading, writing, and especially, speaking English proficiently, confidently will serve usefully for work and integration life.

So as to achieve above aims,it requires innovation in teaching and learning foreign languages ​​in the curriculum with content, appropriate training programs to overcome the limitations and difficulties that students encounter.

Therefore, teaching English speaking means that teaching students:

– Fluency in English to express purposes, capable of thinking and logical sequence.

– How to say sounds in English and use English sentence patterns.

– Use words, accent and intonation.

– Select the appropriate words and phrases in every context.

– Proficient, fluent use of English as possible.


1. Structure  English textbook 7:

    According to the educational renovation programs and project of changing new textbooks by ……….., teachers have the opportunity to use  English textbooks 7. With topics as well as content are  extremely various  tied to the students’ daily life .The content of the book  includes 12 units and  is divided into four main topics:

+ Topic 1: About the people: Unit 1: My hobbies, Unit 2 :Health, Unit 3: Community Service.

+ Topic 2: About Culture: Unit 4: Music and Arts, Unit 5 : Vietnamese  Food and drink, Unit 6: The first University in Vietnam.

+ Topic 3: About Travel: Unit 7 : Traffic  , Unit 8 : Films, Unit 9 : Festivals Around the World.

+ Topic 4 : About society in the future : Unit 10 : Sources of Energy, Unit 11:Travelling in the future, Unit 12: An overcrowed World.

Interspersed among these topics is Review 1,2,3,4 helps students review the vocabulary, grammar and how to communicate in every topic.

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