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SKKN Some methods in improving speaking English skills to help students in grade 7 at Cong Liem secondary school communicate English effectively

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Sáng kiến kinh nghiệm “SKKN Some methods in improving speaking English skills to help students in grade 7 at Cong Liem secondary school communicate English effectively” triển khai gồm các biện pháp nổi bật sau:

1. Through class language
2. Speak English through setting the scene
3. Speak English in Pre, Post – listening, reading and writing
4. Speak English through structures
5. Some oral tests for grade 7

Mô tả sản phẩm



1. Reasons for selecting topic

2. Aims of research 
3. Object of study.
4. Methodolody of research

1 Reasoning base 

2 The status of the problem before applying innovative experience

3 Some methods in improving speaking English skills for students in grade 7 at Cong Liem  secondary school.

3.1 Through  class language 

3.2 Speak English through setting the scene 

3.3 Speak English in Pre, Post – listening, reading and writing 

3.4 Speak English through structures 

3.5.Some oral tests for grade 7

4. The effectiveness of initiative experience for educational activities, myself and my colleagues and my school .



  2. Reasons for selecting topic

      Our party and country have defined the goal of education is training people to completely meet the requirements of the industrialization and mordernization of our country. In partucular, foreign language – English is one of the languages with roles as a mean of positives support for the most effective process of integration on deeper integration of the country. Therefore, improving the quality of education in general and quality of the English subject in particular is one of the concerns leading the current education.

       Nowadays, economy is developing as well as cultural exchange pograms, politics, social among countries are developing extensively and English is the most popular language.

       For many years, learning foreign language has been popularizing all over the world. And English is a compulsory subject in secondary schools. The final aims of teaching and learning English in high schools is to help students who can use English as a mean of basical communication, they can listen, speak, read and write English well and they can use English to communicate effectively.

       Because of the requiremental subject and factual teaching, I made a plan: “Some methods in improving speaking English skills to help students in grade 7 at Cong Liem secondary school communicate English effectively”. That is reasons why I choose this topic.

  1. Aims of research 

Now I am teaching English in a secondary school, I usually study myself actively and innovate the methodolody to teach English in order to have the advanced quality in teaching and learning. My topic is to share my small experience in practicing English, speaking skill for students at schools with colleages generally and students in grade 7 particularly  and I can improve my knowledge and the English quality at school.

  1. Object of study.

     Methods in improving speaking English skills for students in grade 7 at Dong Anh primary&secondary school.

  1. Methodolody of research 

– Investigative methodolody, survey, make diologues.

– Let students do the test to compare and contrast the results.

– Observe colleages in social group in order to learn their experience.                                                                                                        


  2. Reasoning base 

       Our party and country have defined: “ Innovating the methodolody of education and training, to overcome learning unilaterally, to train students into their habits in learners’ creativity step by step, to apply the new methodolody and the modern teaching aids in the process of teaching”.

In general, intended innovation in the teaching methodolody, implementing the new methodolodies in the process of English teaching in secondary schools, particularly in grade 7, through  practicing speaking skill so as to develop learners’ strenousness, active voluntariness and creativity. To help students study themselves as well as they apply their knowledge in their life. They will learn English excited and actively.

 Nowadays, English is the language of general communication. It is the second language all over the world. English plays an important role in the industrialization, modernization, it is strengthening the World Trade Organization of our country at present.

The purpose of teaching English is forming and developing students’ personality. Teaching English is to facilitate students in developing their mind. To establish for students ideas, emotional health and good qualities, charity, love of humanity. 

Teaching English is to teach students how to use English well and effectively through providing them a system of knowledge, system of skills which are necessary for their behavior, communication with everyone.

  1. The status of the problem before applying innovative experience

According to the innovating methodolody, through teaching English in my school, I recognize myself that most of students haven’t identified  how to learn foreign language. They have limitations in applying English in communication. They are afraid of speaking English in public, they are usually shy of communicating. In addition, they usually forget the vocabularies they have learnt, particularly, students in grade 7 they forgot the new words in class 6.

     For many years, I have implemented the innovating methodolody in teaching English, the period is becoming more exciting ang more interesting, some lazy students are intersted in English. But there are still many students who are bad at English.

       While practicing speaking English, They  have many difficulties: They  don’t have ideas about the topicthe teacher requires. Moreover, they are afraid of making mistakes and being complained. They are not self – confident in speaking English in front of their friends.  

       Therefore, when speaking English they speak English inactively and because of some bad students, they have a little time as well as occasions to drill speaking English. It is not easy to overcome these obstacles and difficulties, especially, schools in the countryside.

  1. Innovative experience  

3.1 Through  class language. 

  Encouraging students in class the more they use English, the better they are. Through many different ways they can practice with the teacher, or they can practice with their friends. They can practice in pairs or in groups by using simple sentences day by day they will acquaint with speaking English in class. 


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