SKKN Some techniques of teaching English vocabulary for grade 6 students of Tan Lap secondary school remarkably

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Sáng kiến kinh nghiệm “SKKN Some techniques of teaching English vocabulary for grade 6 students of Tan Lap secondary school remarkably” triển khai gồm các biện pháp nổi bật sau:

2.3.1. The goal
2.3.2. The content and way of implement methods of teaching vocabulary Select vocabulary to teach Techniques for introducing new words
2.3.3. Implementation measures
* Steps to introduce new words
* The Techniques for checking and consolidation of new words
* Guide students to learn vocabulary at home
* Applying methods for teaching vocabulary on a particular lesson

Mô tả sản phẩm


          1.1. The reason for choosing the subject.

A recent survey showed that: English is the official language of more than 53 countries and territories,is the official language of the language of the EU and is the third language is widely used only after China with a population ,such as China and Spanish (and you note that with a population of over 1 billion people). Intrernational events, global organizations,…are considered English as the common language of communication.

Currently education plays a very important role for the survival and development of society and the standards for evaluating the development of a country Especially in today’s era of science and technology is developing rapidly, while our country is in a phase of international integration. To master the quintessence of culture, science and technology advances, the modern development of the country requires that we must have a certain level of foreign language. While English is an international language, a mean of international exchange most effectively. So that English is a subject no less important for the younger generation, especially students generation.

Moreover, in the present context the whole education and training are the innovation effort towards teaching method promoting positive ,initiative, creativity of students in learning activities. Because no one can replace the learners in grasping the foreign language media and use them in communication activities with their communication capacity. Communication is the ultimate goal of foreign language teaching and learning in schools. Often in English there are four skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing, so the teacher must  incorporate 4 skills. But to practice any skills would require the children to have the necessary vocabulary.

However, learning English met a lot of difficulties in secondary schools in general Tan Lap particular especially in learning and using of English words. So to teach students how to learn, practice and use of English words in order to give students a living dictionary of treasure is an essential requirement in learning English especially for new students get familiar with subjects in English. In addition, most of the students here are athnic people(The Muong) and they are familiar with speaking their own language (Muong language) even at class to cause a lot of difficulties for me to teach them how to get a necessary vocabulary and can use their vocabulary in a most effective way. They are very interested in learning English at the beginning of the first semester but over time they feel afraid, decreased interest because the vocabulary is too difficult for them to remember. This leads the quality department increasingly decline in the second semester. Through practical research and teaching to remedy this situation, I boldly launched an innovative experience “Some techniques of teaching English vocabulary for grade 6 students of Tan Lap secondary school remarkably.”

1.2. Purpose of research.

Based on understanding the reality of the teaching and learning English vocabulary of students. I myself would like to make some suggestions on guiding students to learn and use their vocabulary in the most effective way to advance for students to have the ability to speak, write and translate the article better.

1.3. The object of research.

Techniques to teach english Vocabulary.

1.4. Research method.

– Method of theoretical research:

+ Study materials and textbooks on vocabulary teaching methods, documents related to topics such as Teaching document : English teaching technique 1, English teaching methodology, reference textbooks, Teacher’s book in English 6.

– Method of conversation, interview.

– Method of pedagogical observation: Observation of attitude, degree of absorption and application of students

– Methods of Practice:

+ Practice on using English vocabulary in practice

+ Check the fact.

– Method of summing up and drawing lessons on teaching and learning: Accumulation of teaching hours in class, time of colleagues, peers for comments.

– Methods of analysis: Compare the quality of teaching hours, dynamics, level of knowledge, use of students without having to apply experience initiative.


           2.1. Theoretical basis.

The Education Law 2005 (Article 5) stipulates that “Educational methods must promote learners ‘self-efficacy, self-awareness, initiative and creativity, fostering learners’ ability to learn by themselves, Onions, passion for learning and the will to rise. “[1]

With the goal of general education is to “Help students develop holistic, ethical, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and basic skills, develop personal ability, dynamism and creativity, shape. To build up the character of the socialist Vietnamese people, to build up the civic character and responsibilities, prepare students to continue their studies or to enter into labor and participate in the construction and defense of their homeland. ” The general education program promulgated in conjunction with the Decision No. 16/2006 /QD-BGDDT dated May 05, 2006 of the Minister of Education and Training also stated: “It must promote positive, Students ‘initiative and creativity, suitable with subject characteristics, student characteristics, conditions for each class, fostering students’ self-learning method, cooperation ability, training skills Use knowledge in practice, affect emotions, bring joy, excitement and responsibility for learning for students.

Based on the purpose of learning a foreign language: not a system of phonetics, vocabulary, grammar but the use of such systems to achieve the purpose of communication. Therefore, it is indispensable and not simple for teachers to help students apply vocabulary to the context of communication.

2.2. Current status of teaching and learning English vocabulary of students in grade 6 at Tan Lap secondary school.


  Students in grade 6 throughout the school have about 60% of the Kinh students and only 40% are ethnic minority students. Therefore, the students’ learning is more prominent and easier.

–  Student’s textbooks are fully equipped from the start of the school year.

– I has taught English for seven years so more or less I summed up some teaching experience, especially paying attention to methods teaching vocabulary. Furthermore I always research documents, fostering self-knowledge  and enhance professional expertise, always try to invest to compose the teaching according to the new method, always thinking in trying to design learning activities for students in the direction of positive, proactive and creative, especially taxonomy and always use the vocabulary teaching method for most every detail. Then manually  I draw the experience for myself  to have the appropriate solutions for the next class better.

– The attention of the school about the teaching equipment such as: school was equipped with a projector and good sound system for teachers lesson plans electronically.

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SKKN Thiết kế một số hoạt động học tập theo định hướng phát triển năng lực tự học cho học sinh trong dạy học môn KHTN 6 (KNTT) (W+PPT)


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