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SKKN Some tips on teaching English vocabularies in grade 7 effectively

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Sáng kiến kinh nghiệm “SKKN Some tips on teaching English vocabularies in grade 7 effectively” triển khai gồm các biện pháp nổi bật sau:

Some tips on teaching vocabulary
1. Presenting a new word.
2.Practice the use of the word.
4. Expansion of vocabulary for students.

Mô tả sản phẩm


Contents page
A. Introduction
I. The reason for choosing topic.
II. Research purposes.
III. Subjects Research. 
IV. Research methodology.
B.  Content .
I. Advantages, disadvantages and the need of the subject.
1. Advantages.
2. Disadvantages.
3. The need of the subject.
a. Rationale.
b. Practical basis.
II.Situation issues before applying experience initiative.
III. Some tips on teaching vocabulary
1. Presenting a new word.
2.Practice the use of the word.
4. Expansion of vocabulary for students.
IV. Experiment a lesson
V. The effectiveness of the experience initiative.
C. Conclusion
I. Conclusion
II. Recommendations and suggestions.    
The references


  2. The reason for choosing  topic.

  Our country is in the development stage, taking the knowledge economy as the foundation for the development of education and training is considered the first national policy and improving the quality of teaching and learning in order to complete the training human resources for industrialization and modernization of the country. To survive and developers to build and protect the country to keep up with developed countries requires us to grasp the most advanced achievements apart to put the country of Vietnam became a thriving civilization. Besides English is a language used to communicate popular worldwide so that today the teaching and learning of English in the school has made major changes in the content and methods teaching, to match the objectives and requirements set out for the education department in the reform program. The most basic views on the new method is to promote a positive, proactive students and create optimal conditions for their development and practice their language skills and communication purposes, not is the supply of plain language knowledge. 

    As a teacher of English in secondary school, I always think about how to achieve quality teaching and high effeciency . To do get it, ask the teacher to apply the procedure in all forms of diversity, abundance, making foreign language classes lively, charismatic, compelling them to help the get you promote capacity towards the end of “I am the organizer, student self-guided, self- control in class.”

 Although instructional time is not long, but through their own experience with the reference material, I realized: “To help students tobe cofident in their studies, teacher has to improve their abilities to use word. To achieve this, I think that providing ways to learn words is very important”. Through real-time application in secondary school , I have achieved certain effects get. That’s why I choose the topic “Some tips on teaching  English vocabularies in grade 7  effectively ” .

  1. Research purposes:

– To encourage students to use English in class, not using native.

– To help students to be confident in English.

– To investigate the difficulties of using “Classroom Language” of secondary school students.

III. Subjects Research:  

   Some tips on teaching  English vocabularies in grade 7  effectively

  1. Research methods:

1.Observation method.

  1. Research methodology and practice.
  2. Intergrated method. 


  1. Content
  2. Advantages, disadvantages and the need of the subject:
  3. 1. Advantages:

– In English courses  applied in recent years. So some students feel excited, or favorite subjects are new to this, so every class, most students are very positive.

– The concerns of the Board of Management to help the school, peers and siblings preceded created conditions for teaching and learning English is better. There are sufficient textbooks and equipments such as tapes, disc, speakers, projectors serve for teaching and learning.

  1. 2. Disadvantages:

  According to the current distribution programs in English Secondary,there are 3 periods per week. Besides, the students here live in bad conditions and circumstances, parents do not understand the importance of English subjects, so they should not be interested and urge them to study this subject. In addition, the development of all aspects is limited, conditions for students to be exposed to the mass media, entertainment programs use less English. Leading to the possibility of their communication is limited, let alone communicate in English

  To the students, besides a number of children seriously, there are many students only learn through the speakers, not to inculcate the lessons in mind, reading, writing regularly, not interested lesson, until the teacher asks them  not to succeed.

  For the teacher, it is also very difficult to check or guide them to learn at home because the foreign language isnot popular. This is a very difficult problem in managing the student’s home .

  1. 3. The need of the subject:
  2. Rationale:

 Education Act 2005 (Article 5) stipulates that “educational methods to promote a positive, self-discipline, initiative and creative thinking of students, training for self-study learning capacity, the ability to practice, passion for learning and will rise. “

With the goal of universal education is “Helping students develop a comprehensive moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and basic skills, develop personal power, dynamism and creativity, image the human personality Socialist Vietnam, build and responsibilities as citizens, to prepare students for further education or go into working life, participate in the construction and defense of the homeland “. General education program attached to Decision No. 16/2006 / QD – 05/05/2006 Ministry of Education and Training of the Minister of Education and Training has also stated: “It promotes the positive, self-discipline, initiative and creativity of the students, in accordance with specific subjects, objects student characteristics and conditions of each class, students foster self-learning method, the possibility of cooperation, skill Games knowledge into practical, emotional impact, bring joy, excitement and responsibility for student learning.

  1. Practical basis:

   As you know, for many years now almost all students in Viet Nam has not only aimed at passing their exams and getting some further studies for their future life,

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