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SKKN Using language games to motivate students of grade 7 in learning English

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Sáng kiến kinh nghiệm “SKKN Using language games to motivate students of grade 7 in learning English” triển khai gồm các biện pháp nổi bật sau:

1. Appropriate situations to use or not to use games in language teaching
2. How to organize a game?
3. Procedures of games
4. Some sample games are used to create excitement for students in learning English
5.Applying the research in teaching one period

Mô tả sản phẩm

                               Part A : Introduction


I.The reasons for choosing the topic.

       Today Viet Nam has become a member of the Association of South East Asian Nations, the economic integration and the WTO, so English assumes as a more important  part as a mean of international communication than ever . As a result, learning English is gaining more and more attention from society, especially the younger generation. However, there are also students who learn English for no purpose at all. They only learn to cope with the required curriculum at school .Due to the lack of clear goals and motivation, students feel that learning English is boring and difficult to get high marks. Moreover, English as well as other subjects needs to have accumulated knowledge from previous lessons ,from which students will be able to acquire and comprehend the next lesson. If students don’t have accumulated knowledge, they will learn English passively and vapidly.

         Through the process of direct teaching, I find that in addition to the knowledge and the style of a foreign language teacher, teaching method is also a very important factor  to have a good quality English class, having good methods helps teachers give students excitement when learning the lessons.There are now many new teaching methods that have been applied in the teaching of foreign languages ​​at secondary schools. These are good methods, easy to use and have contributed to improving the quality of the course. As a teacher, you must be very upset when you look at your class  your students are lazily and tiredly  focused on their lectures. It can be from objective reasons such as climate, seasonal weather or it can also be from subjective reasons  such as the lecture isn’t lively , students are tired of learning and like talking … or simply hunger is coming. So some English games will complement your foreign language teaching and will make it easy to get back into your class again.Students are excited about learning English through the games. They help change the atmosphere in the classroom and make the lessons less stressful and easier to understand, sometimes they help the learners remember and acquire deep knowledge.The games are usually skillfully performed at the beginning or at the end of the lesson to give students excitement and reduce their tiredness.

       All the aboved- mentioned reasons and factors have inspired for me to conduct a topic titled Using language games to motivate students of grade 7  in learning English

II.The purpose of research.

    – Research how to use language games to motivate students in learning English at secondary school.

    – Help students learn more quickly and retain the learned materials better in a stress-free and comfortable environment and in order to improve the quality of English classes 

III. The object of research 

       – The ways of using language games to motivate students in learning English and the students in gade 7 at Yen Truong secondary school.

IV.Researching method

       – The method of researching documents, the method of investigation , the method of discussing and exchanging with other teachers, the method of observing and drawing out experiences. 



  1. Content

I.Theoretical basis of the topic

        As we all know, learning English is a trend of the current technological development. However, English is a foreign language, not a mother tongue, so teaching English is a difficult task, and so that   students absorb and use English in real life is a harder task. This requires the foreign language teachers to equip themselves with modern and advanced teaching methods which are suitable for the needs of the subject and the learners today. We all know that If we want the students to study any subject well, we need to make them love study that subject and the students only love that subject if the teachers  create excitements in learning  for the students. From this point of view, I think that the organization of the games in each lesson is small, but it is the games which help students to focus on the lesson,create the comfort, reduce the stress of students.Since then, students are more interested in learning and learn better. There are many different kinds of games . They are widely applicable depending on the form of the lesson. Moreover, it is also a positive activity in the new teaching method of English. Therefore, every teacher needs to study and apply the games into each lesson in order to create excitement for the students, reduce stress and tiredness for  the subject as we have seen in so many students in recent years. Language games will contribute to make English become more lively, more attractive and more practical . They also make English become a “language”  in its true sense. This is the foundation for the application of new teaching methods to improve the quality of teaching and learning English.

II.The status of the research problem

  1. Advantages

– Most parents and students are aware of the importance of teaching and learning foreign languages ​​(especially English).

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