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Sáng kiến kinh nghiệm “SKKN Using pictures in teaching english at grade 6” triển khai gồm các biện pháp nổi bật sau:

a. Using pictures to introduce new words
b. Using pictures to learn model sentences
c. Using pictures to check the words
c1. Using pictures after presenting the new words
c2. Using pictures in the warm-up stage and then linking to the new lesson

Mô tả sản phẩm


  2. The reasons of choosing the topic.

          Nowadays, English plays an important role in the life because it is a key to connect with everyone all over the world. 

In Quan Son district, students in secondary schools have chance to study English althought English subject is a new subject. However, almost secondary schools haven`t had enough teaching aids as well as real objects. This leads to the big prolem that teachers have had lots of difficulities in teaching students effectively, especially, how to teach in order to help students remember all the words they have learnt, that is our problem. From that idea, I have thought a lot and tried my best to make picture cards to teach students in grade 7. Besides, there are teachers who never use them for teaching, or have used in teaching but not effectively. 

From that fact, I have decided to research the topic “Using pictures in teaching English at grade 6 in some secondary schools in Quan Son District”. 

  1. Aims of the topic

Teaching and learning English have been strongly developing both inside and outside schools not only in Viet Nam but also all over the world. Thus, the purpose of the application of picture cards and word cards in teaching in grade 6 is improving the quality of basic steps of students` learning, create interactively educational environment, students are encouraged and facilitated to actively seek knowledge, streamline the learning process and self – discipline themselves.

The application of pictures in teaching English will increase the efficiency to absorb lessons. The lessons using pictures will help students contact with the real life and make lessons more vivid, rich and attractive for students. Teachers do not need to explain a lot, students are still interested in learning and it is very easy for students to understand the lesson as well. They will remember words a lot and use sentences fluently.

  1. Research objects

         The students are in grade 6 at Quan Son Boarding Secondary School and Quan Son Town Secondary school.

  1. Research time

From …………

 + From ………..: the time of research topic.

 + From ………..: applying research topic for grade 6.

 + From ………..: evaluating the effectiveness in using the research topic.

 + ………..: completing research topic.

  2. Theoretical basis

Devirved the purpose, requirements and based on the theoretical basis to teach – learn English at secondary schools, foreign language subject in general education environment, required the essential contents on the following aspects : education, ideology, morality, fostering cultural knowledge and training communication skill in English. These aspects are closely related to each other. Through teaching activity with pictures will create a good communication skill for each student in English and communicate well through the themes of each unit.  The relation among such contents is characteristic of English subject that teachers and learners need to be aware in the process of dominating subject. 

At secondary schools, learning foreign languages in general and English in a particular subject is a new subject. To help students in grade 6 step into the basic concept in the subject as well as become familiar with a new language, requires teachers to be very skillful in introducing new contents, teachers need to use teaching aids in order to illustrate exactly. Therefore, when we want students to get familiar with a new vocabulary, teachers will use many different forms to illustrate such as picture cards, word cards. Thanks to picture cards and word cards, students have access to knowledge and activities close to reality, instead of the form of acquiring knowledge through teachers` lectures as before or reference books. Students can observe actual images at many angles which have vivid intuitive and absorb easily. Thus, students can perceive the knowledge faster and stronger.

In conclusion, using pictures at secondary schools is an important factor for students in grade 6 to enhance the teaching effectiveness to meet the renewal requirement in teaching English at secondary schools now.

  1. Practical basis

 Nowadays, there are lots of reference books as well as professional training curriculum actively supporting teaching towards the innovation method of foreign language teachers. 

The practication of teaching “Helping students in grade 6 learn English well by using pictures in teaching vocabulary” brings quite positive effectiveness. Through the techniques of using pictures in the tested classes, students really like to learn English. Pictures have made students bolder and more vibrant in English learning in class. Every time I use pictures to teach them, the lessons are very successful. In the learning process, students have absorbed and acquired quite much knowledge, especially the number of new words and model sentences in the content of the lesson. They also improve the listening and speaking skills. They pronounce better about the stress of the vocabulary as well as that of the sentence.

Using pictures make students easy to see, easy to aquire and by inference, students could have predicted about the mean of new words and grammartical structures.

Applying English cards in teaching will enhance the quality of learning for students, create the educational environment high interactively not merely teachers lecture, students listen or teachers read, students write. Teachers can lecture whenever or wherever. Students can self – study with pictures, or parents also teach their children by themselves when they use pictures.


Through practical teaching, I find that every lesson, which does not have real objects in general or pictures is very boring, Therefore, students are not interested in learning, they are bored with learning the subject, even they hate the English lesson. Especially for students at Quan Son Boarding Secondary School, most of them have not been aware of learning well yet, parents neglect promting their chilren as well. Besides, the time of each period is too short, there is only 45 minutes. Thus, that will be a major challenge for teachers to teach students how to remember the pronunciation, the meaning and the appearance of each word. If we teach students in grade 6 without pictures, I find that students feel very difficult to remember new words. But since I have applied this research topic, the result has surprisingly changed, feeling bored with learning and teaching has disappeared little by little, the state of lazy students has reduced because students completely can absorb the knowledge of lessons (new words and grammar and practicing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills) in class. As a result, students can remember quickly the words which teachers have just provided as well as the words which they leanrt the last lessons.

However, the general problem at secondary schools in Quan Son district in gereral and at Quan Son Boarding Secondary School in particular is lack of the English classroom and other teaching equipments such as real objects, or some schools also have enough equipments but teachers do not often use or teachers haven`t prapared teaching aids before teaching.This leads to the


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