SKKN Combining effectively forms of practice and test their vocabulary in English class 5



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Sáng kiến kinh nghiệm “SKKN Combining effectively forms of practice and test their vocabulary in English class 5″ triển khai các biện pháp như sau: 

1. To overcome status students are not interested in learning new words
1.1 Complete the crossword as suggested
1.2. Connect letters
1.3 . Sort of the same themes
2. To overcome status students use more Vietnamese
2.1. Find words learned by definition
2.2. Find the appropriate side
2.3 . Read the words in syllables
3. To overcome students often forget vocabulary
3.1 . Create another word
3.2 . Find keywords
3.3. Put words into the sentence structure
3.4 . Write the words with the same first letter or the last
4. To overcome status students often confuse
4.1. Change the location of letters to another word
4.2. Listen and write

Mô tả sản phẩm

  2. Why choose topics:

  English has truly become an international language. It plays a very important role in the field of social development in general and education in particular. There are many countries around the world using English in teaching in schools as well as in daily communication. English is the most important media in many countries around the world. For that reason, access to and understanding English is very urgent in this information era.

Today, learning English is a necessity to help students more effectively reach with a rich source of knowledge in the world. In any language vocabulary also plays an important role because it conveys the content we want to say. Knowing many words helps us to communicate more easily. Besides creating a learning environment both lively and interesting play an important role in teaching and learning in schools. This is the media environment and also the purpose of the teaching process in general.

In the process of teaching English 5 at Primary school,  I’ve had a number of forms to help you practice and test their vocabulary in order to generate interest in students for learning and help them increase English vocabulary.

Learning English , the aim is to have students be able to use that language when necessary. For students in grades 5 to say or write a complete sentence in English on demand is not a simple thing. If you want to be good English, they must have a certain vocabulary. The important thing is how to help students remember and use words that they have learned .

During the classroom training activities, practice and test their vocabulary is a very important part of a lesson. How to do so to test a student’s vocabulary effectively? We can not not continue to apply flexible, innovative teaching methods in each class positive, in each unit … in which the language testing of students associated with the organization of the game is a form of active teaching.

Is the primary English teachers, through practical teaching 5th grade for many years, I was thinking and innovative research, trying to help students memorize vocabulary is further from the inspection form, practicing vocabulary, identify the importance of checking vocabulary. So I chose the topic “Combining effectively forms of practice and test their vocabulary in English class 5″ at Town Primary School, Nga Son district.

  1. The purposes of research.

Stemming from the reality of teaching English in primary schools today, especially the status of students do not remember the words. I researched this subject to help students remembere and memorize vocabulary right in class. Help students interest in learning the discipline and love more English subjects. Thereby contributing to improve the quality of teaching and learning in schools, especially the quality of teaching and learning English today.

III. The object of research:

  Teach 5th graders exposed to many forms of exercise and test their vocabulary in English under the new textbook program.

  1. Research Methods:

I went into the study refer to several books related to the subject of the program English Primary. To study this teaching experience I have had to conduct a variety of methods. Here are some of the main methods:

  1. Research methodology reasoning:

With the aim to promote positive creative possibilities of students, to give them the ability to recognize and use vocabulary in each specific case, help them boldly in communication.

  1. Research methodology practice:
  2. Textbook

In 5th grade textbooks are so many video channels help teachers and students to facilitate the grasp of language. Teaching new textbooks can promote skills evenly. But it is difficult for students to remember all the words, there are many new lessons from too much volume and difficult to make both teachers and students are not guaranteed to be all knowledge in a lesson. Especially if they learn from textbooks to speak and write English during school hours will be limited so much by some of you have not read and write the English vocabulary learned.

  1. Teacher’s books:

The tutorial, hints teachers work very generic, boring, difficult to apply to teachers teaching.

  1. Experimental Methods .
  2. Attend a lesson plans in grade 5   ( Unit 7- lesson 1 )

Enthusiastic teachers, ensuring adequate steps to class, teachers have adopted new methods in science lessons a reasonable way, matching the skills training many students interested in active participation. But the students remember vocabulary is limited, and many of them also say misspelled .

b . Conducting quality surveys of students :

Through student surveys show quality : The ability to speak and write the English vocabulary of students is limited , many are not interested in having to remember a lot of vocabulary in lessons .

  2. Rationale:

Teaching is a job with many challenges every passing year appeared new challenges because the world is always changing by the day, and teachers must be prepared to receive and pass on new knowledge to students mine. One issue that most concerns that teachers how to introduce the vocabulary for students not only to understand but also feel exciting. They will be extremely heavy pressure as introducing methods and test their vocabulary in a way that notes, cram and catch memorized. Without the teaching and testing vocabulary caused excitement then you will consider learning vocabulary is to deal with these checks.

Vocabulary is the tool, the most important means of learning English. At any

one skill of learning a foreign language must be used to the vocabulary. So vocabulary in English is the capital, is the main tool for English learners.

 For a lesson in English, most of the public classes also introduce the vocabulary section. To achieve good results lesson, students must know how to pronounce words and how to use. Want to achieve such effective teachers to choose appropriate teaching methods to students how easy to understand, easy to remember, easy to use.

II . Status of the research problem.

  1. Situation :

Most children in the country from urban to rural areas, the majority are acquainted with English from an early goal through teaching in schools. Four skills:  listening, speaking, reading and writing are taking place simultaneously in the process of teaching and learning foreign languages. For grade 5 students have acquainted with the English program for 3 years but many of them are limited in how to communicate because they do not remember the words so they are shy and nervous to talk.

* Advantage : 

– Students with innocent nature ready to participate in school activities has been drawn into the activities. 

– Students are always cared and helped by parents and teachers in the learning process. 

– Teachers are learning, exchange of experiences from colleagues through lectures seminars, exchange of experience, seminars, professional activities clusters … 

– With the attention and support of the school administration team, professional groups and colleagues.

 – Students get acquainted with information technology, they soon be exposed to computers, the internet and received more information from here .

* Difficult :

– English is a new and difficult subject for elementary school students . Moreover for rural students all conditions and close contact surrounding reality are limited. As the school has many students outside the commune, their dialect is limited to the correct pronunciation of words learned .

– A large part of the students are not paying attention and investment in a foreign language, preparing sparingly. In the class, some children are often passive, lack of flexibility, afraid to read – speak English and less involved told to learn lessons.

Therefore  requires teachers to have good teaching methods, creative initiative, always improve training methods in many different forms, different types suitable exercises for each lesson content to inspire interesting and motivating all students practicing enthusiastically.

             In the course of the current English teaching, teachers have used the new method to be effective in these lessons, many teachers have used many methods and innovation in the process of the unit. However in order to achieve more effective teaching requires the teachers to use the appropriate form with the student audience.

Reality Grade 5at  ThiTran Primary School :

– Students are not interested in learning new words: they are afraid of  remembering  many new words in each lesson. Many children just to deal with these checks.

– Students also use more Vietnamese: In the majority of lessons they say, just know that Vietnamese but at least they know how to apply from there. In the lesson, students use more Vietnamese to discuss or explain the issues related to the lesson.

– Students often forget vocabulary: Many students often forget vocabulary what teacher introduced, after a while if not practice the word, and to meet the other words in an article, they do not understand to solve the situation in the lessons learned lead to efficiency is not high.

– Students often confuse: Many words have difficult form or pronoun, similar words can cause confusion or  retention is not high.

Therefore, exercise and checking regularly vocabulary is essential.

  1. The results of the investigation.

   For 5th graders had difficulty to remember new words in all multi-word, followed in the teaching process, through practical teaching the years, I realized that the old method of teaching and learning vocabulary usually takes the style: teachers read and list the words had never appeared in the teaching process called new words then teachers write all that new words on the blackboard, explaining by Vietnamese and means for them to read several times. Getting the children memorize new words to check in later lessons. Thus making them boring and pressure. If instructed by this method which is only 15-20% of the students understand new words, the rest students remember mechanically and forget quickly. Investigate the situation in grade 5 at Thi Tran Nga Son Primary School:

grade 9-10 7-8 5-6 3-4 <3


num % num % num % num % num %
5 5.00 25 25,0 50 50,0 18 18.0 2 2.1

From this situation I have found out the form to help students understand 

And remember the learned words. So I boldly combines several forms to help students practice and test their vocabulary in English effectively.

III. Solutions and implementation.

    Vocabulary is one of the most important part of learning a foreign language, if you want to be good at  English, even in any other skill: listening, speaking, reading, writing, we need vocabulary as much as possible. Now with the modern equipment we can apply creativity to make many interesting ways to teach vocabulary, effective and attractive, creating a colorful diverse playground in English.

After you have found the cause of the results learning of student is not high, I made innovative teaching methods. I have combined exercise forms and check the words in English to students in grades 5 to enhance the ability to remember vocabulary suspected to serve in communication.

    Through the process of teaching me provide some method to practice and test their vocabulary in English that I found effective:

  1. To overcome status students are not interested in learning new words:

Previously, the majority of teachers according to traditional methods that the teacher take notes and students do homework. Then the teacher to correct, if students make mistakes, the teacher always been proactive in class, and all students only listen and do all is enough. Thus, the teacher will be very tired, but the students are passive and do not have access to them difficult to practice the vocabulary memory. So they are afraid to learn and speak English always lead to heavy periods. As a language teacher, I always have concerns how students learn and not afraid to become increasingly more interested in learning English.

To teach English for Primary students  effectively and to help students interested in lesson are not easy, so depending on the characteristics of each class, each object, content and capacity knowledge of each lesson, teachers can practice vocabulary at different times, at different stages of each article, the main teaching hours or extracurricular courses, organized manner ….. to teachers choose the form of exercise and test accordingly.


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