SKKN Creating and using the own web with some applications to help students in grade 5 practice the vocabulary and sentence patterns better in “We love English” club

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Tác giả: Ngô Mai Lan
Trình độ chuyên môn: Thạc sĩ giáo dục
Đơn vị công tác: Trường tiểu học Nghĩa Đồng
Năm viết: 2022-2023

Sáng kiến kinh nghiệm “SKKN Creating and using the own web with some applications to help students in grade 5 practice the vocabulary and sentence patterns better in “We love English” club” triển khai các biện pháp như sau: 

The solutions implemented
Here are some tools which are easy and simply to use for creating in Gnomio:
3.1. Hot potatoes
3.2. Quizlet
3.3. Story bird

Mô tả sản phẩm



    “How to create web” is not a relatively new term which describes the new practice of ordinary people who use the own web to prepare the ‘as many of exercises’ as possible. often present in compelling and emotionally engaging formats, and can be interactive.

Inside the Gnomio, it always contains some kinds of uses such as Hot potatoes,  Story bird, Quizlet, Audacity, Google docs & Google drives and so on…

Simply put, Gnomio is multimedia tool that contains photographs, video, animation, sound, music, text, and is often uploaded in the web. Gnomio may be used as an expressive medium within the classroom to integrate subject matter with extant knowledge and skills from across the curriculum without being lost or anything happens accidentally.

    For primary grades the focus is related to what is being taught, an easy way that will relate to the students interestingly. For primary grades the exercise, story or … are all kept in a web not to waste time with an access to the internet. Vibrant pictures, age-appropriate music and narration are needed. Narration accompanied by subtitles can also help build vocabulary. Content-related stories bird can help upper-elementary and middle-school students understand abstract or layered concepts.

    These aspects of having a site in the internet with pictures, music, and narration reinforce ideas and appeal to different learning types. Teachers can use it to introduce projects, themes, or any content area, and can also let their students make their own digital stories, activities, exercises, songs and then share them. Teachers can create more to help facilitate class discussions, as an anticipatory set for a new topic, or to help students gain a better understanding of more abstract concepts. These stories can become an integral part of any lesson in many subject areas. 

    The educational goals for teachers using the Gnomio are to generate interest, attention and motivation for students of the “digital generation” with different activities in classrooms. The use of it as a presentation tool also appeals to the diverse learning styles of students. 

  In the school year of ………., being assigned to teach English in the Grade 5 at Ba Dinh primary school, with such thoughts and concerns, I have tried on creating and using the own web with some applications to help students in grade 5 practice the vocabulary and sentence patterns better in “We love English” club.


                       PART II: THE SOLUTIONS TO THE PROBLEM


  1. Literature Review & Theoretical background

Gnomio is a kind of website which helps the internet users create their own webs to use for their own aims. 

 Gnomio in English teaching for primary students may help:

–  Create product that can be save and shared.

– Contain a variety of activities at the same time and everywhere

– Motivate students.

Promote collaboration.

Promote creativity.

Improve communication skills.

– Improve reading comprehension.

Improve listening comprehension.

Improves writing skills.

    Digital storytelling consists some of following elements:

Point of view: This involves the followings: Who is your audience? What aim do you want to convey to them? What perspective are you representing? Are you a participant or an observer?

Your voice: This involves the followings: Will you or someone else provide a narration? Will there be unscripted interviews? Will there be monologues and/or dialogues?

Soundtrack: This involves the followings: Will there be music in the background? Will the music have lyrics? Will there be sound effects? How will the soundtrack enhance the visuals? 

Economy: This involves the followings: Do you have images, video, etc. for each key point? Are they just the right length to get the point across? Do they have too little or too much information? Is the info sufficient to hold the audience’s attention?

– Pacing: This involves the followings: What is the rhythm or pace of the activities? 

Create an Online Course Using LMS



  1. Open Firefox or Google Chrome. Type in the address:
  2. Create your site / Name (type in a name you like e.g. “”) / Email:” / Create)
  3. Check your email for information to log in your website from (You may wait from 2 minutes to 4 hours; Note down the name of your website and the password in your notebook)



  1. Use Firefox or Google Chrome. Type in the given website address: e.g.
  2. Click Login button. Type in the given username and password.
  3. Click “Add a new course”.
  4. Type in “Name of the course” (e.g. Tiếng Anh 6; Writing 2; Phiên dịch 1…”
  5. Design and Create Courses

* Log on your course

* Click “Turn editing on” (See Administration on your left)

* Tạo Tiêu đề e.g. “Welcome to English 12 Course” (Add an activity or resource / “Label” / 

Add / Gõ Tiêu đề / Save changes and return to course).

Tạo Giới thiệu / Mục đích khóa học e.g. “Course Introduction (Add an activity or resource /”Page” or “Label”) / Gõ thông tin ngắn gọn vào “Name / Description”).

Tạo mục: Thông báo e.g. “Course Announcements”) (Add an activity or resource / “Forum”/ Add…)

Tải lên file bài giảng (ppt) và file tham khảo (pdf / word / exel…) (Add an activity or resource/ “File” / Gõ thông tin ngắn gọn vào “Name / Description”) / Content / Add / Browse (tìm đến file bạn muốn tải lên khóa học) / “Chọn file / Open” / Upload file / Save changes and return to course

Lưu ý: Luôn luôn “Save changes” trước khi chuyển sang trang khác hoặc tắt máy.


How to enroll your students and partners?

Turn editing on

*  Site Administration / Users / Accounts / Add a new user / “Fill in the required information”

e.g. Usename; Password; First name; Surname; City; Country/ Create user.


Username: (No capital letters / No Vietnamese character / No numbers)

Eg: Username: ictelt

            Password: Dean 2020

  1. How to Enroll the users to a specific course

On the homepage

Administration / Users / Enrolled users / “Select the user” e.g. ictelt / Enroll / Finish enrolling Users

  1. How to allow guest access?

* Log on your course

* Administration (on your left) / Edit settings

* Allow guest access / “Yes” / Save changes

  1. Important configuration for your course

* Log on your course

* Edit settings

– Configure Files and Upload / should set more than 10MB”

– Configure Course Format / should set 15 weeks or topics”

  1. The situation of the problem

      There are numerous ways that Gnomio can be used in education. One of the first decisions to be made when deciding to use this tool in the curriculum is whether an instructor will create the Gnomio or have their students do it. Some educators may decide to create their own admin and show them to their students as a way to present new material. An engaging, the sites in the web can sever as an anticipatory set or hook to capture the attention of students and increasing their interest in exploring new ideas.

Teacher-created different kind of uses of stories may also be used to enhance current lessons within a larger unit, as a way to facilitate discussion about the topics presented a story and as a way of making abstract or conceptual content more understandable. While many educators still lack a cohesive plan for integrating multimedia into their instruction, a growing number of teachers are interested in exploring ways to engage their students by including images, audio and video elements in their instruction. Research has shown that the use of multimedia in teaching helps students retain new information as well as aids in the comprehension of difficult material. And Gnomio can provide educators with a powerful tool to use in their classrooms.

    It can’t be denied the advantages of Gnomio for teaching English for primary students. However, in Viet Nam in general and in Thanh Hoa city in particular, it is not still a comparatively popular practice for teachers of English, especially primary teachers.

  1. The solutions implemented

   Here are some tools which are easy and simply to use for creating in Gnomio:

3.1. Hot potatoes

What are Hot Potatoes? Created by the University of Victoria in Canada

The Hot Potatoes software = a set of six programs, used to create interactive Web based exercises. 

The six programs are:

  • JBC – Creates multiple choice exercises 
  • JQUIZ – Creates short answer exercises 
  • JMIX – Creates jumbled sentence exercises 
  • JCross – Creates crosswords 
  • JMatch – Creates a matching exercise 
  • JCloze – Creates a fill in the blanks exercise

The Masher – Bundle all the exercises

The first use of it – Jmatch exercise

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