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SKKN Develop students’ activeness in teaching group disscussion methods in English 8

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Sáng kiến kinh nghiệm “SKKN Develop students’ activeness in teaching group disscussion methods in English 8” triển khai gồm các biện pháp nổi bật sau:

* The basis for proposing solutions
* Main solutions:
– At home
– In class
* Organization and implementation


Mô tả sản phẩm




Our country is entering the stage of industrialization, modernization, integration with the international community, especially when our country has officially become a member of the WTO. The decisive factor for the success of industrialization and modernization is that the resources of the Vietnamese people are developed in quantity and quality on the basis of the intellectual level. As the education and training of our country has also changed from education and training to teaching and learning to contribute effectively to the preparation of resources for the country. Meeting the new educational goals, the textbook program has changed positively. To renovate teaching methods, to teach and to learn based on the positive activities of students under the organization and guidance of the teacher flexibility to develop thinking, independent creativity help shape The method, self-learning needs, learning excitement, creating confidence, joy in learning for students.

There have been many methods of teaching in secondary schools so far, especially after the implementation of the textbook renovation program, there are many methods to overcome the situation of teachers, Innovative teaching methods to promote the positive and creative nature of students in class, at home and many other extracurricular activities, by guiding their learning organization. In order to achieve the objective of the lesson, in addition to using the superiority of many methods, it is necessary to use group discussion as it is one of the best methods to help students develop their mind. Create your own, learn for yourself about the knowledge of the lesson through the opinions of your group.

    For this reason, I chose the topic “Develop students’ activeness in teaching group discussion methods in English 8″

 1.2  Purpose of the study:

– As a teacher teaching English subjects, I constantly research, actively and actively innovate teaching methods to improve the quality of teaching and learning.

– Based on the above facts, anyone teaching English should think about how to find the best teaching method to create learning excitement for learners. And bring the best effect.

– Through this study, I myself will have more experience in teaching by group discussion method.

– Promote student learning in the classroom, especially in group discussions.

– Help students acquire skills in group learning methods and know how to work together, assign tasks in group learning methods.


1.3  Object of study

Develop students’ activeness in teaching group discussion methods in English 8″


1.4  Research Methodology:

To implement this topic I implemented the following methods:

* Observation method.

Observing English lessons, especially organizing group activities for students during new language lessons and during skill training sessions, to see if the activities offered to them are appropriate, It is not effective at the same time to draw experience in order to make activities more suitable and effective for each particular article or section.

* Product research methods.

Through the results of the knowledge acquisition of students, and the ability to apply knowledge to communicate in each specific activity.

* Conversation method.

Discuss with your child’s teacher the student’s ability to use language in the student’s communication so that he or she can make useful contributions.

* Documentary study methodology.

  Read books, books related to research topics

* Method of summing up experience.

By the experience of self from the process of teaching. Also learn about the student experience in group activities during the hours of teaching and learning English subjects of secondary school students of English language teachers in and out of school.

* Experimental method.

Experiment some of the proposed content in accordance with their ability and conditions.

1.5  New points of initiative

Add more excitement to the class when participating in group discussions, helping students realize that group discussions are the best place to improve their knowledge of the subject, share their experiences in learning foreign languages, and forging. Practice listening and speaking skills through group work.

Develop communication skills through themes such as environment, health …

Practice teamwork, spiritual education, solidarity through organization.

Practice proper behavior with life situations, work habits and skills, group activities.



2.1 Rationale

The innovation of foreign language teaching methods is in line with the content innovation, but this task requires the effort of undertaking a real revolution that teachers have to make in order to change their perspectives. Habits do not match the requirements and tasks teaching today.

The goal of English language arts in Grade 8 is to provide students with a basic knowledge of the English language program and a vocabulary of vocabulary and basic structures expressed through listening and speaking skills. Read – Write step by step building the ability to communicate to students.

To achieve the objectives of the lesson, the teacher must apply effective measures in teaching and learning in the classroom. The group discussion method is indispensable in every language lesson.

Our country and our society are innovating, so education is changing, and English teaching in schools is changing. Innovate for more practical results, meet the need to innovate in teaching English class 8 with good results. Group discussion method is collectivization of target audience, learning process of students

In this method the activities of each individual are organized in concert to achieve common goals.

Group discussion allows the group members to share their experiences, understand what they are thinking, and they can comment on their level of knowledge about the topic. What should be learned, the lesson becomes a process of self-learning rather than a passive reception from the teacher.

Group discussions play a very important role in language learning, but in practice are not properly considered, resulting from many different reasons, from teachers as well as students.

So I see this is a very important topic that each teacher must pay attention and study to take measures to promote student activeness in the group discussion and achieve the goal of the school.


2.2 Current situation:

Implementing the education reform of the Ministry of Education and Training we have paid much attention to teaching methods, but the process of organizing the teaching activities in English we still stereotyped with what has been instructed. , lack of creativity, lack of flexibility, efficiency of lessons is not high. Therefore, teaching English is not as good as expected.

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