SKKN Experience of teaching English reading skill effectively for students of grade 8 at Thiet Ke secondary school in one specific lesson

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Sáng kiến kinh nghiệm “SKKN Experience of teaching English reading skill effectively for students of grade 8 at Thiet Ke secondary school in one specific lesson” triển khai gồm các biện pháp nổi bật sau:

+ Introduce short, concise readings.
+ Use pictures, visual tools to introduce new words, reading situations.
+ Make sure students understand the new grammatical structure.
+ Give some open-ended questions or predictions before reading. Provides the type of exercises while-reading / post-reading.
+ Deepen students’ memory through hands-on exercises and real-life contact.


Mô tả sản phẩm

  2. The reasons for topic:

      The industrialization and modernization of the country has set new requirements for social-economic development in the present time, requiring the demand of qualified, dynamic, Positive, creative knowledge. Consequently, the education sector plays an important role in the human development strategy. Prior to that important role, the education sector has made changes in textbooks, teaching methods. Renovation of educational methods is an urgent and fundamental requirement, a revolutionary life in the whole industry in the current period to improve the quality of teaching and learning. To meet the purpose of the content renewal – teaching methods bring the most effective effect for secondary school students. The Ministry of Education and Training has adapted textbooks more appropriately. In the Intensive English Program, the topics are clearly designed to address four specific skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing in each unit of studying.
      As an English teacher, I realize that students must be trained to develop holistically all four of these basic skills. On the other hand, in the process of teaching English, reading is a very basic skill that is very important and essential in teaching and learning foreign languages ​​in general and English in particular. Reading is both a goal and an effective and necessary means for students to master, strengthen their linguistic knowledge, broaden their vocabulary, and deepen their understanding. Therefore, in the teaching process, teachers require methods of communication appropriate to each object, so students absorb better. For students in 8th grade at the junior high school level, students can learn more about the need to improve the English language by reading the paragraphs by topic. Students do not develop reading comprehension skills, they are difficult to absorb and remember the information in a sustainable and long-term. In the process of teaching English in secondary school, I found that the reading comprehension ability of students in general was limited. In order to overcome these difficulties, teachers should pay attention to the skills and methods of teaching English reading comprehension to students, especially eighth graders.

       By teaching in Secondary School, I find that students learn reading skill not effective, or through written tests (one or more quizzes), most students skip reading or do weakly because the do not understand the main content of the texts.

      In order to overcome the above situation and at the same time apply the objectives  of English language education. I have many doubts as how to teach the reading skill effectively, I offer some experience to help students in grade 8 improve their reading skill, so that students have better results in learning. And these are the reasons why I boldly launched an initiative experience ” Experience of teaching English reading skill effectively for students of grade 8 at Thiet Ke secondary school in one specific lesson.

  1. Research purpopes:

–    This subject is studied in the scope of teaching reading comprehension of English lessons in grade 8 at my school.

–   Focus on the study and use of teaching steps and techniques in English reading comprehension lessons 8.

  1. Research objects:

    Initiative experience focused on teaching methods to improve the efficiency of  reading comprehension and improve the quality of  English 8 at Thiet Ke secondary school .

  1. Research Methods:
  2. Material Research Methodology:

+  Studying materials: reference books teacher, regular refresher, workshop materials and related materials.

+  Observe the dispatches and directives of the Ministry, the Department, the Education and Training Department, the plan of the school and the team.

  1. Method of investigation and comparison:

     By many different methods: attend colleagues, experiment, check the results of student learning to find out the suitable teaching methods for students.

  2. Rationale:

      Since the second decree of the Central Committee  and especially after the IX Party Congress and the sixth decree of the Party Central Committee, the Congress, the instruction No. 40 of the Secretariat of the Party Central Committee together with the guiding documents of the House The Ministry of Education and Training and the Vietnamese education system have achieved remarkable achievements in the fields of education universalization and intellectual enhancement in human resource training and talent fostering. In the general education program issued in conjunction of the Minister of Education and Training also stated: “To promote positive, self-conscious Students ‘self-learning, cooperative ability, creative thinking and creativity, suitable with setting subjects, characteristics of pupils, conditions of each class, practice the skill of applying knowledge into practice, bringing joy, excitement and responsibility to students. “

      In the opinion of some experts, such as Colvin & Root (1981), Havernson & Haynes (1982), Mc Gee (1977), Thornis (1980), etc. The English teacher should pay attention to the influencing factors. The ability to focus on students, their ability to read and understand, their ability to read alone and read to others, and so on. Can be achieved during the training in reading activities. The result is fast or slow depending on the student’s prior knowledge of mother tongue, health, and visual acuity. There are also other factors that affect students’ reading skills such as unequal student perceptions. Therefore, they need to be thoroughly instructed in reading the lessons, so as to increase their interest in the topic of the lesson. Many students find it difficult to read long texts and new words. Students generally have the habit of reading each word in the lesson, not paying attention to the general reading of the lesson. While limiting the attention to understanding the meaning of the lesson. The level of comprehension of the lessons depends on the ability of the student.

     So in order to teach an English lesson effectively, teachers need to pay attention to a wide range of students so that they can provide a means to help students who are weak, creative and active in their studies. Born quite good at how to read the lesson becomes lively. Teachers need to combine spoken and written skills in reading instruction so that students can express their ideas, opinions, and comments about the text.

      On the other hand, the ……….school year continues to improve management and improve the quality of education, the school year continues to carry out three campaigns to “study and follow Ho Chi Minh’s moral example” According to the Political Bureau’s, the campaign “every teacher and teacher is a moral example, self-learning and creative” and the emulation movement “Building a friendly school, students Positive “to improve quality. As a result, teachers across all disciplines are empowering their students with the skills and knowledge they need to help them develop intellectually and intellectually, to shape their child’s personality, Socialists.

  1. The reality of problem:

     In order to meet the quality demands of the education sector and the actual situation at school, most students do not have effective learning methods. Some students are often distracted, less interested in their studies, some less likely to have time to study at home because they have to support their parents, a large number of disadvantaged students. Less reference books to raise capital beyond the textbook supply. On the other hand, they have less communication requirements in English and they are also afraid to communicate in English outside of school.   Over the years teaching the grades 8 and 9, I found that these are the two most widely distributed listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Each skill is much harder than grades 6 and 7. For reading skills are very clear in each lesson. They do not simply read a text or a short, simple text with the request is as simple as filling in the words, they have

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SKKN Thiết kế một số hoạt động học tập theo định hướng phát triển năng lực tự học cho học sinh trong dạy học môn KHTN 6 (KNTT) (W+PPT)


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