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SKKN Experience of using games in teaching English for students of class 9

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Sáng kiến kinh nghiệm “SKKN Experience of using games in teaching English for students of class 9” triển khai gồm các biện pháp nổi bật sau:

2.1. The game should suit the characteristics of learners.
2.2. Ensuring safety organizations play.
2.3. Explain the rules of the game.
2.4. Soothes the aggressive properties of the player.
2.5. Focus meaningful analysis after making the game.
2.6. Ensuring education.
2.7. Do not abuse the method.

Mô tả sản phẩm





Nowadays, the economy of the world of growing strongly, exchanges in policy, culture and society are also expanding among countries. Language plays an important role in helping the cultures become closer. Never before, English is as essential as it is now. English is taught every school and spoken everywhere. Teaching target, therefore, has been changed. The problem posed is how to get the most effective teaching, helping students have the ability to meet both grammatically and communicate in real-life situations.

Through several years of implementing the program gradually to replace textbooks with the innovations of new teaching methods, typical teaching methods of English was really steady and in-depth. But most teachers are only concerned about the renewal of teaching methods and pay little attention to innovate forms of organization of teaching activities, so students feel the heavy class, the quality of lessons is limited.

Unlike other subjects in secondary schools, English is not only a subject but also a means of communication. Therefore, in teaching English if a teacher does not seek to hold a teaching period so vivid, reasonably and attractive, it is very difficult to attract students, classes will be tedious, boring. Especially with the students of grade 9, they are in the process of changing physiological interest, they are no longer impartial, chatter as those in grade 6. They are even afraid of building the lessons. They understand lesson but they don’t want to discuss about it, they only want to listen to what the teachers say but they don’t want to ask or interact to teachers.

So as to make an English period achieve better results, be stimulating learning and promote positive students, teachers must constantly innovate teaching methods and forms of organizing the teaching activities. One form of teaching bringing highly effective is to combine organization of games in English teaching hours. 

Using games in teaching English is teaching through the way to organize activities for students. Under the guidance of teachers, students are worked by self- playing game in which the purpose of the game conveys the objective of the lesson. Rules of the game (gameplay) shows the contents and methods of learning, especially learning methods with the cooperation and self- evaluation.

Playing learning games to form knowledge, new skills or reinforce the knowledge and learned skills. In actual teaching, teachers often organize games to reinforce the knowledge and skills. But the organization for the students playing the game to form knowledge, new skills are needed because this is necessary to generate the interest in learning to students right from the start of a new lesson.

From the above reasons, I bravely contribute to this school year Science Council the initiative with the theme: “Experience of using games in teaching  English for students of class 9A in Thieu Khanh Secondary School – Thanh Hoa City”.


– Study about theoretical basic of games.

– Get to know the actual situations of learning English of students in Thieu Khanh Secondary school.

– Find some ways to using games effectively in teaching English so that the results of students’ learning will be higher day by day.


Applying some experiences of using games in teaching English for students of class 9A, Thieu Khanh secondary school, Thanh Hoa City.


In process of studying the theme, I have applied two main methods below:

  1. The method of theoretical research: 

As the methods of collecting information on the basis of scientific research documents, documents made ​​by the manipulation and logical thinking to draw scientific conclusions necessary.

– Method of analysis and synthesis of theory

– Method of classification and systematization of theory

– Method of history

  1. The practical research methods

As the method of direct impact on the real object to clarify the nature and the laws of subjects.

– Method of scientific observation 

– Method of investigation

– Method of analysis summed up the experience





Games is an human’s activity which aims firstly and mainly relaxing after the hard working hours. Through games, people can exercise and mental fitness, training the senses to create the opportunity to communicate with people, collaborate with friends, allies in groups and organizations

The game is a kind of activity is very familiar and close to everyone. Different angles, games are defined separately, it can be an essential natural activity that matches the value of a human being or as an effective practice methods for the formation of personality and the mentality of children … Organizing games is to develop mind power, wisdom, strength for our students. Games should follow a topic, a certain content and have rules that players must follow.

Learning games are understood simply as the game whose content ties to the learning activities of students to enable students to learn in the classroom more exciting and joylly. Game content is played on a certain intellectual activity such as attention, quick wit, imagination or creativity.


  2. The reality of teaching English in Thieu Khanh secondary school:

Located on the edge of town, not very far from the city center, Thieu Khanh is considered one of the schools which has quite good quality of education. As the evidence that the annual number of exellent students municipal level is increasing. But the fact is that the quality of their mass is not high. One of the reasons is the low quality of the input. Local language barrier also significantly affects the ability to access their lessons. Many students have

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