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SKKN Experiences in guiding graders 8th participate in practicing speaking skill according to the specific topic in English 8 pilot program semester 1st actively and effectively

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Sáng kiến kinh nghiệm “SKKN Experiences in guiding graders 8th participate in practicing speaking skill according to the specific topic in English 8 pilot program semester 1st actively and effectively” triển khai gồm các biện pháp nổi bật sau:

3.1. The Importance of Developing English Speaking Skills for Grade 8
3.2. Prepare and arrange the speaking topic
3.3. Form and organization of speaking
3.4. Example


Mô tả sản phẩm



As we know, the government and the state have recognized the importance of teaching and learning foreign languages ​​in general and English in particular in the system of schools in Vietnam. Studying and using English as a foreign language will contribute significantly to the country’s development and development, bringing the country up to the advancement of humanity in the 21st century. More than ever, English is considered as the most popular language, a particularly useful means of communication, economic exchange, culture and etc… all over the world. For our country, learning English has been focused on all levels. This has demonstrated the full awareness and determination of the education authorities in equipping the future owners of this key language country. Good English in communication is the target of English teaching – learning throughout the school. As we all know under the new textbook program students learn English for 10 years from grade 3 to grade 12. This time is not long but enough to absorb and use a good foreign language such as English. In addition, the implementation of the method of communicative approach has created certain values. for students. Communicative language teaching (CLT) is an approach to the teaching of second and foreign languages ​​that emphasizes interaction as both means and the ultimate goal of learning a language. It is also referred to as “communicative approach to the teaching of foreign languages” or simply the “communicative approach”. This is an excellent method of teaching foreign languages ​​that has been developed and developed since the 70s of the last century, emphasizing communication as the approach and the target of language[1]. Under the guidance of the teacher, every hour of teaching success or not can not lack the preparation, arrangement, organization well.  Teacher also has many advantages in organizing learning for students. 

However, we encountered many difficulties in teaching directly in the classroom and class observation of my colleagues, I found that students can apply the knowledge that teachers have provided in practicing “Speak ” faces many difficulties such as: 

– Most students encounter many obstacles, difficulties when learning to speak most is when communicating with others.

– Students do not have enough input knowledge to practice. 

– Activities, contents required during class, in textbooks require students to have background knowledge, deep knowledge about life, events, factors, cultural events, things in real life. 

– Using English fluently to communicate is very modest; Students are also reluctant to use English in communication, especially high school students.

– The students can’t actually use this language to express what they want and they may tend to be nervous about trying to say something.  

Besides, traditional teaching methods have seemed to emphasize the learning of language system (rules of grammar and lists of vocabulary items …)as a goal in its own right and failed to give learners an ability to gain realistic experiences

 in actually using the language knowledge gained. 

  Of course, for various objective and subjective reasons, this is a concern for many English teachers at this level and for educational administrators throughout Vietnam. High school students communicate in good English is an important premise for exchanging and accessing opportunities for success in the next stage of development. In the process of teaching English in high school, I realized that there are many obstacles that prevent students from communicating in English. Fully aware of the above problem, I chose this topic to study to provide positive solutions to help students learn English better, especially improve the ability to speak English because ”speaking skill” is a crucial part of language learning. The mastery of speaking skill in English is a priority for many language learners. 

Therefore, we must pay close attention to this skill to equip students with the ability to communicate confidently. To do this, the instructor needs to organize an attractive learning environment to engage more students. With that, students are confident enough, more confident to communicate in a foreign language later. Deriving from the general requirements of the industry, the key task of teaching and learning the subject, along with restrictions that has puzzled me for a long time. Casually looking for references on the Internet, I did additional research and apply a part of an initiative experienced high school teacher about teaching methods transplant listening and speaking skills in the same class. I realize that this initiative can apply in a part to the fact of my school. In addition, the assistance of professional English Education Department, attending special classes, by researching, studying some documents related to the issue. After a period of efforts to search, learn, use and invest in some specific lessons I’ve drawn some experiences to improve this period effectively at the beginning of the school year .

Knowing that speaking skill is relatively difficult to teach students in rural areas, teachers need to find the best, most appropriate ways for students to feel more excited about learning. For that reason, in the process of teaching speaking skills, I also have a lot of thoughts, applications, and experiences to develop and improve this skill for students, trying to figure out the method. Teach the best speaking skills to yourself and help students understand the importance of the subject, to be more interested in the subject. I have boldly selected writing experience initiativesSo in this article, I would like to present the theme: Experiences in guiding graders 8th participate in practicing speaking skill according to the specific topic in English 8 pilot program semester 1st actively and effectively. I hope the reality of my work will help Ss to be more active in learning, accumulated knowledge, skills and create a lively atmosphere in the school, improve learning outcomes subjects. I look forward to sharing, commenting  and contributing ideas to my Experience Initiative excellently form my friends, my colleagues and the readers, my friends.                    


The study, using innovative approaches to teaching transplant program details 

Speak in English eight pilot program to:

+  Help teachers design and organize a lesson, how to practice speaking effectively.

+ Help the student’s mind smoothing, comfortable, with passion, excitement with

every lesson.

+ Find out the methodology of guiding students to train optimally applied to each class, each form of instruction to improve student self-learning in particular improve the quality of students’ learning in general for English subject.
+ Help teachers factual basis to identify the strengths and weaknesses of his/ her self-improvement training activities, striving to continuously improve the quality and effectiveness of teaching.

Thereby, the exchange of experiences with colleagues, and finding better methods for teaching “Speak “.

1.3. Researched participants:

        – In this topic, I study the basic solutions after basic application for students in grade 8, Quang Long Secondary school, the medium students – the majority of subjects. 

         –  The use of effective tricks in teaching speech. 

         –  Create maximum communication opportunities for students.

1.4. Ways to conduct the theme:

– My real teaching at my school.

– Study communication materials on Communicative approach

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