SKKN How to teach a consolidation lesson in grade 8 effectively at thi tran secondary school

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Sáng kiến kinh nghiệm “SKKN How to teach a consolidation lesson in grade 8 effectively at thi tran secondary school” triển khai gồm các biện pháp nổi bật sau:

Introducing the form and meaning of the structures
Practicing techniques
Tips in consolidation and testing after practicing


Mô tả sản phẩm



          English is a common language all over the world, so English is a compulsory subject in many countries, Viet Nam is not excepted. 

Foreign languages in general and English in particular is a difficult subject for students, specially for mountainous students. Teaching English has many oscillation and changes because of the devolopement of the civilization and culture in the world. We cannot deny this. Therefore, the teacher must be responsible and dedicated in oder to bring the knowlegde to the learners effectively.

         After giving English to the schools as a compulsory subject, many teachers have their experience in teaching English. After nearly ten years being a teacher in education, I always wonder about the way to teach my students effectively, so I have asked for other teachers and looked for many reference books. Each year I have my own experience through each lesson. One in my all experiences is that “How to teach CONSOLIDATION in grade 8 effectively” in order to have higher result in general test and develope the quality of teaching English in my school.

      Nowadays, the method of teaching grammar is not the same as in the past- teaching vocabulary and then analyze structures- most of the time is for doing exercises and practicing Listening- Speaking- Reading- Writing skills by many ways and we consolidate the lessons through playing games.

     Choosing a right method in teaching grammar is really important to the teachers. Beside that teachers must explain how important students have to learn grammar. They can use language meaningful and express their ideas exactly. The most important point is that students can understand the morphologic and the meaning of each grammar unit so as to use them in listening- speaking- reading- writing lessons usefully.

For these reasons I have chosen the topic to research is that “How to teach a CONSOLIDATION lesson in grade 8 effectively at Thi Tran secondary school”.


  • Textbook grade 8
  • Students in grade 8

+ Class 8A1: total 29 students

Good students: 5 (17,2%)

Middling students:  14 (48,3%)

Average and weak students: 10 (34,5%)

+ Class 8A2: total 25 students

Good students: 1 (4%)

 Middling students:  10 (40%)

Average and weak students: 14(56%)


  • The suggestive approach.
  • The communicative approach.
  • The interviewed approach.
  • The investigative approach.
  • The statistical approach.


With this issue, I have researched in the last school year ………. I try to find the most effective way to apply it in ……….




 Now there are many references and fostering curriculums which are useful for the innovation in teaching English. Beside that many fostering technique courses are opened every year for the teachers, ect, to help teachers of English access and apply the new methods effectively. However, teachers cannot apply all the methods in their lessons, they should choose the most suitable methods for their lessons, their students or facility in their schools.

For the CONSOLIDATION lesson in grade 8, some teachers pay much attention to review grammar and structures and they always worry about the ability in doing grammar exercises of their students. Others cannot choose the right methods for their lessons, this leads to their lessons are not effective. 

Therefore, classifying and choosing suitable activities in each exercise is important to the lessons’ success. Planning a good lesson plan helps teachers time-consume, flexibility in teaching activity. 



There is no doubt that the main task of teachers is to teach, but the teaching work gets nowhere if their students understand and learn nothing. There are many things for the teachers to do with their students, but in the class settings teachers should show interest in their students by involving them in their teaching and by allowing them to express their opinions and do things with the language they are learning. It is true that everyone likes to show what he or she knows and can do and like to talk about himself or herself. Likewise students like to hear about their classmates/ follow students. When this is allowed in class I will find that my students involve themselves far more than if they talking about a fictional character from a course book.

Grammar is a very important and necessary part in communicative. It seems not to be easy in teaching and learning grammar for secondary students, especially in a CONSOLIDATION part of English 8. In this lesson, many grammar and structures are reviewed.  

By taking part in role-play, dialogues, sketches and whatever teachers do, both the performing students and the listeners get involved. They will be less self-conscious about the English as they concentrate on the character or acting role which they are required to carry out. They may be embarrassed or nervous at first, but hopefully when they have got through that they will be assured that they can also get over the “fear” of speaking English. Watch carefully to find out who is shy/ confident, ect and assign roles they can manage at first, gradually getting everyone confident.

Building up the students’confidence in any situation means encouraging them at every opportunity and never “putting them down”.


A grammar lesson in general has three steps as below:

  • Introducing the form and meaning of the structure.
  • Practicing.
  • Consolidating by doing exercises, activities and playing games.

Each step has its own requirement and exercises. As for me, teachers should research carefully each exercise when they plan a next lesson in order to choose the right and suitable activities for each lesson. Solving this issue, I do it as follow:

  1. Introducing the form and meaning of the structures:

Before practicing, teachers introduce the form and meaning of the structrures by speaking and writing on the board. I choose many different ways to

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