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SKKN Some experiences help gifted students in grade 8 to study and do passive exercises better

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Sáng kiến kinh nghiệm “SKKN Some experiences help gifted students in grade 8 to study and do passive exercises better” triển khai gồm các biện pháp nổi bật sau:

1. Difference between active and passive voice
a. Active sentence
b. Passive Sentence
2. Passive forms in tenses and special passive forms
a. Structure is used to change from active sentences into passive sentences
b. Passive forms in tenses
c. Special passive voice
3. Guide students to practice doing exercises


Mô tả sản phẩm


    English plays an important role in our lives. English is the most popular and common language in the world, it is a tool to facilitate integration with the international community and region. It helps us integrate and access to international information about science and technology, education, culture, health, industry, agriculture …

    In periods of economic integration with the world. Learning language  is  really essential  in each country. Especially in Vietnam, learning English has become a necessity of life. Today in the world and in many countries in the region have regarded English as a second language along with their native language to use in life and economic development, such as Singapore, the Philippines ..  

    Our country has renovated gradually,  we are committed industrialized countries to modernize and expand relations with other countries. Especially after Vietnam joined the WTO, English is used more and more widely, even in the main in Vietnam. Thus the teaching and learning of foreign languages and especially  English are considered important and serious teaching in schools.

   Recognizing the importance , himself a teacher of English at secondary level has the responsibility to equip students with basic knowledge so that  they can learn English well at secondary level. Teaching skills are very important to the students but Teaching grammar is also less important. Especially, gifted students. In the book of level 8,9,there are many important grammartical topics such as reported speech, conditional sentences, wish sentences and passive form. Passive form is a part of vital knowledge in the examinations, so the students have to grasp it. In the framework of this article I would like to mention the issue.“ Some experiences help gifted students in grade 8 to study and do passive exercises better”  


The status of teaching and studying passive voice has been applied for many years and finding the best solutions helps gifted students to study and do passive exercises better. 


– Documentary research method 

– Practical teaching method

– Pedagogical experimental method

– Coordinative and cooperative method .


 – Gifted students in grade 8 of Tran phu secondary school, Nong Cong district, Thanh Hoa province .

 – Some experiences help gifted students in grade 8 to study and do passive exercises better. 




English is the global language and also a subject that has been led first in innovation in high schools. The Ministry of Education and Training has developed a project to improve the quality of teaching and learning foreign languages ​​throughout the country. It is possible to speak English in particular and foreign languages ​​in general are focal points which are concerned and developed strongly. Renovation and improvement of the quality of learning foreign languages ​​need many solutions that must first reform the teaching and learning methods. However, in order for students to improve their English language skills, in addition to provide them with an abundant vocabulary, teachers also need to build a solid grammar foundation. And from this, they will develop their ability to communicate in English. Students generally think that English grammar is very mysterious, difficult to understand, so that they feel heavy, bland and become reluctant, afraid when they learn them. Therefore, It is very necessary to teach the subject matter in a systematic, logic and it makes student easy to understand . It is very important for each teacher to teach this subject.  

  2. The states of teaching and studying English at Secondary School.

  We can not negate that passive English is one of the most important grammatical parts. It is commonly used not only in literature but also in everyday communication. Passive knowledge, however, is sparsely distributed in textbooks from English 8 to 9, which makes it easy for the students to forget and make mistakes. Even some students do not understand why to use passive sentences while we have active sentences. Especially, some special passive sentences. From that fact, I have put the content “Passive in English” into teaching students 8th grade with a duration of 12 periods to help children have the ability to apply passive in many different situations.

  1. Result and effect of state.

  By examining the quality of the academic year ……….in grade 8 with   learning result  as follow.

Class Total Good  fair Average Poor
N     % N % N % N %
………. 15 1 6,7 4 26,6 6 40,1 4 26,6

  From this state, the position is a direct teacher who teaches English, I always wondered, agonizing to find out appropriate teaching methods for students, to inspire them when they learn passive voice. So every lesson I always create and use many different methods suitably for every student. Especially, teaching passive form.I have applied the following solutions.

  III.help gifted students to study and do passive exercises better. 

  Passive voice is a vital and complicated part in English grammar. The passive sentence in English is used when we want to emphasize the action in the sentence, the agent causes the action, no matter who or what is not important. The passive voice is taught in English 8. It is not  an easy problem for the teachers and the students. when the students do passive exercises. They make too many mistakes because they don’t understand sentence transformation clearly. They don’t grasp the theory of passive voice. thus, When I teach passive sentences. I usually pay attention to the theory of passive voice as such usage, form and sentence transformation, some special passive forms and another kinds of exercises. I usually divide passive voice into two parts : Passive voice in tenses and special passive voice. In order to study and do passive sentences

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