SKKN Some experiences to teach more effectively language focus in grade 9

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Sáng kiến kinh nghiệm “SKKN Some experiences to teach more effectively language focus in grade 9” triển khai gồm các biện pháp nổi bật sau:

– Using the situations
– Tranlation
– How to drill the sentences
– The techniques to cosolidate after drilling. The latter toughens such awareness and strategies in learners by involving them in the speaking practice. This stage is of great importance since only raising student’s awareness cannot ensure the raise in the autonomy level.
Teachers ought to provide thenecessary resources to adjust these instructions to fit students’learning needs and see how students make use of this toolto learn.

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                                              Contents                                                                                                     Page
1. Introduction                                                                                         
1.1. Reason for choosing the topic                                                               
1.2. Researched purposes                                                                   
1.3. Researched subjects                                                                     
1.4. Researched Methods                                                                    
2. Content of the experienced initiative       
2.1. Theoretical basis of the experienced initiative                                
2.2. The problem state before the application of the experienced initiative                                                               









Implementing solutions

Using the situations


How to drill the sentences

The techniques to cosolidate after drilling

The effectiveness of the experienced initiative for educational activities, with my self, colleagues and the school 

Conclusion and suggestions     




Reference books


  1. Introduction          

1.1. Reason for choosing the topic  

        With the development of the country in the period of industrialization, modernization and innovation of nowadays’comprehensive education, thus requiring learners and teachers must also change learning and teaching methods to meet the entry education objectives. As an English teacher in  Thieu Tam junior high school I have noticed that Forein language in general and Enlish in particular plays a very important role at this point.


        Moreover, in recent years reseachers have been receptive to arguments achievements of modern teaching and learning to make a modern education system to meet the growing needs of society.The modern education methods which teachers have to know how to exploit positive activities of students in stuy,teacher is only guider of student and students must be active to study the knowlege.


        Through the application of innovative methods in teaching secondary school English with program substitutes for books, many teacher have the experiences, positive ideas serve for the teaching of English. However, I have noticed there are further problems arising in practice  teaching in myschool that I am  a teacher myself teaching this course, I always think to find solutions. One of those issues is: how to teach more effectively LANGUAGE FOCUS to raise the quality of the test, as well as improve the quality of English teaching subjects in my school with available means.


   Today, the teaching of grammar with communication method doesn’t analyse sentence by sentence as the old method anymore. Most of the time is spent on practicing and training skills Listening – Speaking – Reading – Writing through many different forms and lessons which are consolidated by the game. The grammar is taught through exercises combined with more language teaching skills such as learning methods, applied skills, …

        For these reasons, I have chosen the theme “Some experiences to teach more effectively  Language Focus in  grade 9 at Thieu Tam secondary school” to study.


1.2. Researched purposes 


      Within the scope of this writing I would like to share experiences with colleagues teaching methods of Language Focus of English 9 at Thieu Tam secondary school which are the most effective, and what I learned through specialized training courses,  as well as in my actual process of teaching.


1.3. Researched subjects


      At the topic, I want to study the way to teach the language focus of English 9 more effectively in class 9 of Thieu Tam secondary school.

1.4. Researched Methods


– Taking a survey before applying the topic in the reality

– Exchanging the experiences with the colleagues to find out the most effective methol for language focus in class 9.

– Studying the syllabus of teaching methods.


  1. Content of the experienced initiative       


2.1. Theoretical basis of the experienced initiative 


    Grammar is very important t and necessary in the communication process . It is like 4 skills : listening – speaking – reading – writing . The effectiveteaching and learning of grammar  is not  easy . Especialy ,for secondary school students , it requires learner who must be patient and have the suitable studying methods. Basing on physiological characteristics of the students , the students are more interested and more active in  in reading and writing but also very depressed in developing and training complexive skills such as skills of approaches for applying grammar because of meetingmany new words and new structures which are difficult to understand and master.To form the access and grammar- training skills for students requires a long process,A 45-minute period which grammar is taught effectively requires the practice and collaboration among grammar measures flexibly and to have a reasonable allocation of time for each step.


    The procedures to teach grammar: To teach speaking skill generally and grammar particularly we have to carry out 3 steps:

+ Presenting situation and meaning of structure

+ Drilling structure

+ Producting the exercises and activities or games


         The requirements for those are designed to help students understand lesson easily and carry out  the skills to drill grammar exercises considerately and more thoughfully and then remember lessons more deeply.


    Therefore , carrying out enough steps in teaching language focus part is essential, if teacher leaves out one out of three steps,the effect of lesson will be very low.


2.2. The problem state before the application of the experienced initiative 


 In reality,  There are many reference books as well as  training syllabus  

which help positively for  teaching with innovation method of foreign language teachers. In addition, every year, the Department of education and training  has also organized professional training classes for teachers to improve teaching method .However, the teacher has to know how to use flexibly the methods to




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