SKKN Start the skill lessons with a part of language focus efficiently in grade 9

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Sáng kiến kinh nghiệm “SKKN Start the skill lessons with a part of language focus efficiently in grade 9” triển khai gồm các biện pháp nổi bật sau:

I’ve redesigned the Language focus exercises into fun games for the startups of listening or speaking skill lessons. Detail as follows:
2.3.1.“ Snake and ladder” game
2.3.2. Run for flag on the moon game
2.3.3. Guessing picture game
2.3.4. Stepping stone game
2.3.5. Shark attack game

Mô tả sản phẩm


1.1. Reason

          I have chosen this subject to research because of the following reasons. Firstly, the aim brought the teaching and learning English at secondary schools is how new methods to promote the positive, proactive students, to create optimal conditions for their development and skills training ability to use language to communicate the purpose of not only providing pure language knowledge. In other words, the ultimate aim of the process of teaching and learning is communicative competence rather than linguistic competence. 

           Secondly, the difficulties that English teachers face while teaching both two skills; Listening and Speaking in a lesson according to the old program. In recent years the education and training of Thanh Hoa has adjusted by separating two skills; Listening and speaking into two separated items. At the same time integrating the grammar practice sessions of the language focus in Speaking and Listening lessons with the aim to create favorable conditions for teachers in developing the skills for students. This change is a really suitable solution and almost teachers sympathy and support. 

          Finally, however, looking at the reality of each lesson, the problem posed is that how we should integrate the practice sessions of that language focus on the steps in reasonable speaking – listening skill lessons  . How just be stimulating for the children in class skill, just not too mired in a grammar exercise more? This has always puzzled me in the teaching process. With teaching experience of yourself as well as references from colleagues, I have explored and researched the solution and I have applied on the research subject is  my students in grade 9 to teach.

In conclusion, with the framework of this writing, let me share with my colleages about some experiences integrate language focus on the starting part of skill lessons in English 9 through the topic: “Start the skill lessons with a part of language focus  efficiently in grade 9 at Ba Thuoc Boarding Ethnic Minority Junior High School”

1.2. Research purpose

          As you probably already know, there are many reasons why my research is done. But what are its purposes. I have conducted this initiative in order to help them learn English better in the skill lessons.

1.3. Research subjects

           Students are in grade 9 at Bording Ethnic Junior High School, in school year ………..

1.4. Research methods

           There are three methods which I have used in my initiative: 

         – Method of investigation

           Investigation survey methodology is a broad-based audience to discover the law of distribution and the characteristics of the object.

         – Method of empirical science

          A method of scientists actively impact on the audience and the course of events that the participants are guided in the development of its planned target.

        – Method of analysis summed up the experience

1.5. New points of experience initiative  

         – Students use language focus to practise skill lessons.

         – To make skill lessons more interesting and more exciting


2.1. Theoretical basis

Though it’s a new language lesson or a  skill lesson they are indispensable to the beginning of the lesson, starting  (warm-up). With the aim to stabilize the class, allowing students to adapt to the new unit, creating a favorable environment for new lessons. Especially created a need to communicate or make an operational purpose for the next communication, each teacher should be based on the purpose and characteristics of lessons, depending on the object and its specific students, teachers 1 staff can design appropriate activities. Typically, teachers often ask ex post in the boot in order to test their knowledge of the language of the student. However, this job really pressured and created tension for students when preparing to receive new knowledge.

By new program of Thanh hoa educational and training office has enabled  to integrate Language focus lessons on speaking and listening skills. As we have already known, “Language Focus” is a part to help consolidate and codify exercise the functions of language, the grammar and vocabulary has appeared in each unit. It is usually given in the form of exercise and relatively dry. So  integrate  it into which section is suitable without time consuming. This requires inquiry, creativity and exploitation of each teacher. Through each lesson of myself, I found that using an exercise part of Language focus on the “Warm-up” of skill lesson has created more remarkably effective.

2.2. Status of the research problem

2.2.1. Advantages

     – With separating two skills; speaking – listening  into two separated lessons helps teachers easily orientate the main focus of the skills that I have to teach them and then design appropriate activities in three steps: pre- While- Post for each individual skill.

     – There are currently  reference books as well as professional training curricula positive auxiliary teaching method of renewing foreign language teachers. Besides, each year the Department, the Department of Education also organizes professional training classes for teachers, organized the professional stage cluster activities, organized sports instructors, thematic reports going into in professional matters,… to help teachers to teach foreign languages to access and use the most effective new method. However, teachers at the school can not use stereotypes to actual conditions of teaching, which requires teachers to know to perform selectively to suit the student level, student age, body school facilities and classrooms.

     – The application of information technology in teaching can help teachers to easily design the game, collect pictures without losing much time and create remarkably effective.

2.2.2. Disadvantages    

        – According to the psychological age, students in grade 9 are in the mature stage so their study is no longer as lively excitement anymore in class 6,7. Besides, they are very afraid to communicate, this makes the lesson often becomes heavy.  

        – Most of the Language focus lessons, teachers often teach grammar heavily and they are always anxious that their students can not complete the exercise without classificating and selecting activities, instructional techniques to appropriate use in each unit. So students will feel no excited if teachers are not flexible in planning and how to organize classroom activities, the review session will follow the old pattern, tedious.

        – After a period of teaching and researching in new program, I noticed that there are speaking – listening lessons which conjunct with Language focus Listening focus but the language knowledge is not similar with language focus. For example:

                 * Unit 3: Lesson2: Speak – Language 1-4 

+ Speak: – Use the present tense to talk about his hometown

+ The Language Focus: – Exercise of wish sentence with the past simple (Lf 1)

             Practise connective “so” (Lf 4)

                 * Unit 5: The media: Lesson 3: Listen – Language focus 1-3-4

+ Listen – Listening to all kinds of media mass and past tense is used

+ The Language Focus: – Practice the question tag, gerund followed by the verbs.

* Unit 6: The environment: Lesson 3: Listen – Language focus 1-3-

+ Listen – Listening to the ocean so contaminated

+ The Language Focus: – Exercise of adjectives and adverbs can only ways (Lf 1)

– Train the adjective comes with clause (Lf 3)

– Exercise of conditional sentences 1 (Lf 5)




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