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SKKN Use of modern teaching techniques to improve the quality of teaching reading lesson in class 8

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Sáng kiến kinh nghiệm “SKKN Use of modern teaching techniques to improve the quality of teaching reading lesson in class 8” triển khai gồm các biện pháp nổi bật sau:

2.3.1 Methods of teaching groups
2.3.2 Methods Case studies
2.3.3. The method to solve the problem
2.3.4. Method acting
2.3.5. Games Method
2.3.6. Based Learning project (project method)


Mô tả sản phẩm


1.1 The reasons of choosing the topic.

As we all know our country is in the process of integration and development, together with the international community in many areas such as: economy, tourism, culture, including the education sector. So English has had a very important position to communicate, and is key to helping us inspired and can go anywhere in the world, reaching every area of your life. 

Along with the trend of globalization, English is increasingly playing an extremely important role in all areas, therefore, the teaching and learning of English in this context and should be interested in investing in both internal content and methods. Requirements of teaching and learning in schools today for this language does not just stop at one single skill that is developed in parallel 4 skills: Listening -Say – Reading – Writing. There are many methods of teaching and learning of English language skills in schools has been adopted, however, Read – out remains a difficult skill to students communicate effectively because it is difficult to maintain the student interest during a long lecture, especially when they are in the habit to stop at understanding the meaning of words rather than go deeper to understand the message or knowledge is transmitted through each content poison.

I am teaching English at Trung Thanh secondary School in Quan Hoa – a mountainous district of Thanh Hoa for many years. I have always been aware and wondered how to help these children can grow in 4 skills: listen-speak-read-write. To English became my inspiration for these children and to defuse problems, during the Ethnic schools sell stay high school Trung Thanh  in the past year as well as in the academic year ………. I have studied the relevant documents, as well as discussions with colleagues in the journal batch Manager to find the direction to fix problems. Aware of the importance of receiving information, additional knowledge through reading culture so I decided to research and development of specialized skills taught Reading as a way of sharing skills and methods to the same direction students to enhance their knowledge through their own skills through topicsUse of modern teaching techniques to improve the quality of  teaching reading lesson in class 8 in Trung Thanh secondary school” to contribute to improving the quality of the subject, as well as innovative methods of teaching and learning.

1.2 Research objects

The students are in grade 8 at Trung Thanh Secondary School.

1.3. Research time

     From ………

+ From ………: the time of research topic

+ From ………: applying research topic for all grades.

+ From ………: evaluating the effectiveness in using the research topic.

+ ………: completing research topic.


2.1.1 Theoretical basis

  In recent years, foreign language learning in schools Thanh Hoa is applied widely and gradually is considered academic courses with a maximum of 4 more details on the week. When English has confirmed the role and importance of it in the schools and all educational levels, improving the quality of teaching and learning is very important. So how to improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning is a necessity not only for students, but especially for people who are directly teaches English. We all know that learning English is merely a language school. Want to become proficient in that language, the school must practice four basic skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. If they learn well the four skills, it will be easy access to information technology, science and technology and is very convenient in communication. Especially comprehension skills is one of the basic skills to be focused in the process of teaching and learning foreign languages. It deciding whether learners have understood the content of the post or not. So if students have the ability to read or understand English well, you can read books, newspapers and documents are written in English with content appropriate to the level and age of the students, help school conditional students improve their English. In a reading teacher more than just help students understand the corpus of each paragraph, but also to know how to use a flexible procedures to match the specific content of each article to inspire interesting for students and creating training activities to help students better practices. But most students are afraid to exercise. The reason is that English is completely different from the mother tongue, difficult to learn, difficult to remember. Moreover, they are lazy should learn from their vocabulary too little, poorly prepared new post, learn coping weak especially children. They are always afraid of saying the wrong speech led to concern considerable affect learning outcomes of the subject. 

The requirements of the course and the difficulties of the student, as a teacher is to teach subjects I myself have always concern is how to achieve the highest efficiency in their teaching methods. Therefore, I have found out a number of measures to help students learn more effectively than reading. Because of the above reasons I chose strong as comprehension skills to do a workshop on “Use of modern teaching techniques to improve the quality of teaching reading lesson in class 8 at Trung Thanh secondary school.

2.1.2 Practical basis

In the process of teaching and learning foreign languages, reading is one of the very basic skills are emphasized. Reading is an effective means and necessary for students to be able to master and consolidate the knowledge of language, expand vocabulary and understand more deeply the style, using the language they are learning. The readings play a crucial role in the development of reading comprehension skills of students. 

In fact, on reading skills and do the exercises after reading, students often make some common mistakes such as: mispronounced, often pronounce wind indiscriminately, the student’s vocabulary too meager or forgotten much, do not know how to read a comprehension exercise, do not remember the information in the reading, do not grasp the grammatical structure basically, the majority of students do not know how to ask questions and answer texts. To overcome this situation, first of all, the teacher must do so that students have proper awareness about the importance of language learning in general and in particular the English in particular, is to make learning favorite student, interested in learning a first reading more effectively. The lectures of the teachers in the classroom must be appropriate for all audiences of students, must have appropriate methods, inspire student learning. So through the actual experience of teaching and learning in the past year I have decided to choose this topic for study in the academic year ……….

* The advantages and disadvantages when say for students


– Students with nature is willing to participate in the activities of school hours when was fascinated in the activities.

– Students are parents and teachers concerned, help in the learning process. 

-Teachers are learning, exchange of experiences from colleagues across the training, exchange of experiences, topical. 

-The interest, support of the Rectorate, the expertise and colleagues. 


Is a school located in Thanh Hoa province’s western brandishing annually were difficult, local infrastructure is creaky. The vast majority of people here live by farming, forestry and cultural levels are limited, access difficulties for students in the rainy season. Despite such difficulties, but the unfortunate here is that most of the children still lack the interest and encouragement of his family, some parents also underestimated their child’s learning. From there you easily cause there are irresponsible attitudes in learning and also affect the formation of personality, moral qualities of the children later on. More parents also lack of interest in the inspection work and manage their study time, particularly this will easily make you depressed. On the other hand, due to the school located in poor, English learning conditions are limited. The school has no reference books and equipment to cater to this subject. Issues raised is how we overcome these weaknesses on to contribute to improving the quality of work out the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and

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