SKKN Using integrated teaching methodology to teach English

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Sáng kiến kinh nghiệm “SKKN Using integrated teaching methodology to teach English” triển khai gồm các biện pháp nổi bật sau:

– Due to the limited time, I just introduce my product designed: Description of teaching and learning activities in English lesson plan of grade 9, period 8: Unit 2. Clothing- section: Getting started + listen and read.
– To teach subject-oriented integrated topics, such as: Using interdisciplinary teaching methodology in teaching English, namely, Unit 2: Getting stared + listen and Read. I have used the relevant knowledge of subjects such as Arts, History, Music, Civic education to increase the interest in learning, and stimulate the ability to use English for solving the problem of the lesson.

Mô tả sản phẩm


  • Reasons for choosing the topic 

According to the innovative orientation in teaching methods in lower secondary schools stimulate and develop self-learning ability in order to create positive, independent and creative thinking for the students as well as improve capacity, find out and solve problems, practice skills to apply knowledge into reality. It affects the emotions, bring pleasure and excitement to study for students.

   English is a specific subject, in the linguistic domain, associated with the culture of communicative language. Therefore, the environment is the most important condition for the teacher as well as the learners to approach and develop the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. However, the Vietnamese environment and culture are much different from the British environment and culture. So how can English become more familiar and familiar in the normal learning environment so that students will feel excited and easy to use this language in their lives, thereby improving the effectiveness of teaching and learning English? This is a difficult question for a teacher of English in a small school with lots of facility difficulties as me.

      After over thinking and testing, I think, the best way to solve this problem is to create a student environment that is close to their own lives in English. It is English that is as close as the things around you. And the most effective way is to apply interdisciplinary knowledge in the English teaching process. Then, English became a means of transmitting knowledge and culture more purely Vietnamese, create excitement and motivation for students, and make an important contribution to improving the effectiveness of teaching and learning English at Ham Rong Lower Secondary School. Therefore, I chose the topic “using integrated teaching methodology to teach English” to make my initiative. Specifically: Using the integrated teaching methodology to teach “Unit 2- Clothing- Getting started + listen and read – English 9″

  1. Aims of the study

       In the present stage, the education of our country in general and the provincial education department in particular have been focusing on the innovation of teaching methods. It is also indispensable for students to gain knowledge as well as the teachers apply it into reality teaching in secondary schools.

From the fact of teaching, through colleagues’ ideas I found that: Most of the average and low grade students are afraid to learn English. Specifically, for the 9th graders, when the number of new words is large, and access to more difficult structures, the higher level of skills, many students are no longer highly interested in English. Learning English is compulsive. Thus, I have experimented the interdisciplinary integration teaching at 9th grade and got good results.

Therefore, inatiative ideas are carried out with the following aims:

  • To reseach on students at HR Lower Secondary School , grade 9 to find out the reasons, causes that makes them afraid of learning foreign languages.
  • To seek measures to overcome the situation: students in grade 9 and other grades who are afraid of learning foreign languages
  • To apply measures , specifically integrate many subjects in teaching English to enhance effects and stimulate the students’ interest with this subject.
  • To reseach the students’ reaction , receptive ability and studying result after applying to access the affect of inatiative ideas.
  1. Object of study:

      Students  in grade 9 in the ……….school year of Ham Rong secondary school.

  1. Research methods:

– Surveying method.

– Statistics method.

– Analysing method.


  1. Theoretical basis:

Due to the increasing application for English to meet the demand for quality of social labor, the development of skills suited to the needs of the subject and the social needs of integration period is the most important task of the subject.

Teaching and learning English have only focused, on vocabulary and grammatical structure for long time, so for the majority of students, especially students who are not hardworking, will feel bored, afraid to learn and memorize. .

The total reform of teaching methods in a positive orientation with student-centered. Teaching with capacity-building orientation is a common task of the entire education sector;in order to gain basic and full reform for education and training.

English is not out of the general trend. There are many methods, ways and forms of innovation teaching English, in which an interdisciplinary integration method is suitable for students in a poor economic area with little communicative conditions about the cultural background. Interdisciplinary integration teaching method in English will help students feel closer, more excited, and manageable of English in other science subjects and into daily life.

2. The problems before initiative.

– Most of the 9th grade students who are afraid to learn English, unfamiliar with the use of English, just try to learn, remember the vocabulary and grammatical structure to serve the exam. They do not determine to learn English to perfect skills of an employee in the future.

– The survey on the interest in English, 48 students in grade 9 of Ham Rong secondary school, results as follows:

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