SKKN Manipulating disciplinary knowledge in teaching part A Reading, unit 16: The Wonders Of The World English 11 effectively

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Sáng kiến kinh nghiệm “SKKN Manipulating disciplinary knowledge in teaching part A Reading, unit 16: The Wonders Of The World English 11 effectively” triển khai gồm các biện pháp nổi bật sau:

3.1. Warm up
3.2. Before you read
3.3. While you read
3.4.Afer you read
3.5. Homework

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1. Reasons for research 

           Learning English has become more and more important recently. Therefore, how to make the method of teaching and learning advanced is vital  demand to English teachers. The fact shows that we can easily approach information and technology and get no difficulty in communication if we are good at Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing in English fluently. Specially, reading is one of the basic skills that is paid attention to in the process of teaching and learning English. For high school students, they have chances to get more information through units based on themes. Thanks to the passages, they will test events related to daily activities. Moreover, they know deeply cultural diversities from lessons to lessons. If  students are bad at reading skill, they get difficulties in getting and keeping information so long. From my experiences in teaching English at Hoang Mai High School .We find that our students’s skill in reading is limitative, so exchanging information from units to students is uneasy. This not only makes lessons monotonic and unexcited but also affects students’ studying passively. 


2. Purposes 

      We have all known recently that manipulating interdisciplinary knowledge in solving a problem of lesson is essential, which makes learners not only study and improve the knowledge from other subjects but also help them understand and solve the matter fast and perfectly. Manipulating knowledge of subjects such as Geography, History, Mathematics, Physics , Knowledge from Culture, Civic education and Life in unit 16: The Wonders of the World, English 11 provides them with a brief information about the great pyramid of Giza. Moreover, with the images of some wonders being destroyed  students are aware of their duties in protecting heritages and Citedal of the Ho dynasty as well. 

Based on the innovation of the Ministry of Education & Training about manipulating interdisciplinary knowledge in teaching, we would like to give some of our new ways of teaching part A Reading unit 16: The Wonders Of The World, English 11 effectively.   




3. Subjects 

      In this research, We just pay attention to the 11th grade students who are going to studying unit 16. The Great Pyramid of Giza is a famous place that is in the world’s map of travelling, so it is not difficult to get information about. Besides, We give our students chances to discover the interest of the lesson by giving each group of them a handout contained duty. As we have mentioned above, the lesson is so attracting that our students are all excited at doing research to get more information. 

4. Methods 

To make our solutions effectively, We have used some following methods. 

Firstly, we always get advices from colleagues through co-working. 

Secondly, we usually study, create and use new methods in teaching English such as using images, pictures, posters, real objects, etc 

  • Pictures of some wonders of the world: The great Wall of China, Halong Bay, The Leanning Tower of Pisa, The Taj Mahal, etc; pictures to teach new words and phrases. 
  • Some images of Pharaoh Khufu, The Eiffel Tower, The Building of Khalifa, The Scientist Archimedes, etc. 
  • Some maps about the Giza plateu, the total area of France, The Nile river, etc Thirdly, we apply science and technology in teaching, use projecters, present films, video clips to make the lesson actively. For example, we show a short film about the process of building the Pyramids before the lesson to motivate the spirit of studying between students.  

Next, we often teach English through real situations such as the present situation of some world’s heritages and citadel of the Ho dynasty to raise students’s awareness of protecting these places; manipulating interdisciplinary knowledge which makes students interested and motivated in learning .  

Lastly, We classify students into groups when instructing them to search  for information, then choose the best to show before the class. Therefore, students use maps to find out the location of Giza Plateu where the pyramid is situated, the Nile river  where most pyramids in Egypt stretch along its west bank. They will use the knowledge about the dynasties in Egypt to know about Pharaoh Khufu-the owner of the great pyramid of Giza , the knowledge about time to emphasize the beginning and finishing of constructions, the profile of Achimedes. And they use the knowledge about the blocks of stone building the Pyramid placed together in PI proportion , base on Geometry to improve why the pyramids are so strong, the straight or spiral ramps of the construction.  Moreover, they study pulleys along with levers discovered by Achimedes to clarify the second theory involved the construction. Students use their knowledge about Egypt to explain the purpose of building the pyramids, the reason why the pyramids are on the west bank of the Nile river, and the function of Sun boat as well. And students have chance to improve their awareness of protecting heritages through images of current status of some wonder and know their responsibility towards this matter with the presentation of Citedal of the Ho dynasty, etc.  





1. Theoretical Background 

        Normally, the teacher is considered succeeding in teaching  reading skill when he/ she helps students practise some new words, do all the tasks that follow and understand the lesson in a limited period of time. Teaching units related to cultural, historical, geographical knowledge, etc is a hard work because it requires the teacher to have both technique knowledge and understanding about the places, peoples and events from the lessons. However, the teacher must not explain so much that makes the lesson excursive. Part A Reading in unit 16: The Wonders Of The World is an exciting lesson that has attracted us for a long time. As we love travelling to many places, the wonders of the world, specially, the pyramids of Egypt always make me excited. And to make the lessons more interested, we have spent a lot of time searching for knowledge related to the lesson that we are going to teach our students, about the Pharaoh Khufu, the great of the Pyramid, how the ancient Egyptians build the Pyramid, and why the Pyramids locate on the West of the river Nile, etc. The more we get to know about the Great Pyramids of Giza, the more interesting we find it is. 

2. Realities before applying the research 

Part A in unit 16 is difficult because it contains so much information, so many new words and theories. In the past, we used to teach students for the following steps.  

  1. Before reading 
  • Warm up  
  • New words and Phrases (5-10 words) 
  • Practice with new words 
  1. While reading 

*Students do the tasks (in texbooks) 

*Teacher corrects and gives feedback 

  1. After reading 
  2. Homework 

In a limitation of time, we tried our best to guide and help students finish the skill. That may be called success. Sometimes, we explained some information but not too much, so the lesson seemed to be a bit mystery for students. Although many students who have been provided pratical duties, some students find no interest in getting more informations, some other students search for wrong or no relation to the requirements that make the duty waste of time. What is more, there is so much information  given from different sources such as google, newspapers or magazines that both students and teacher find uneasy to choose which is the best to give before the class. And the level of the students is unequal that limit them in working together into groups. Therefore, we also help our students in need so as to have a successful lesson. 

3. Solutions     

As the research pays attention to give some new ways of teaching part A Reading in unit 16 English 11, I would like to present it in the form of a lesson plan which contains both the content and the interdisciplinary knowledge inside  Here is the content. 

Activity 1: 

Warm up: Name the beautiful places  

Teacher:  T shows pictures of wonders of the world  from number 1 to 4 and presents questions. 

1.What are the names of the places? 

2.Where are they located? 

Teacher:  T asks students to work individually to look at the pictures carefully in one minutes and name them. 


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