SKKN Promoting grade 10 students’ reading comprehension competence through guided- cloze theme based reading texts



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Sáng kiến kinh nghiệm “SKKN Promoting grade 10 students’ reading comprehension competence through guided- cloze theme based reading texts” triển khai gồm các biện pháp nổi bật sau:

– Providing understanding about guided –close reading text.
– Developing background knowledge and building up abundant vocabulary.
– Identifying part of speech needed to fill in the blanks and strategies.
– Practising reading skill

Mô tả sản phẩm


  1. The reasons for choosing  the topic. 

     First of all, in the recent years teaching Language according to approaching students‟ competence becomes the core method applied in all three levels of education, however, the ability to use language is still limited among students. In these days, using language is not only shown through productive skill but also receptive skill, so reading becomes increasingly important as students can acquire background knowledge. To be fluent in reading skill young learners have to play an active role in receiving information, understanding and decoding details of the reading text to have their feedbacks. Therefore, students have to remember linguistic data in order to have intensive look into the reading text. 

    Secondly, with the great development of society, the demand for taking exams such as the top level into grade 10,the GCSE exam, and international certificate etc…It is clear that reading skill is extremely vital, as the scale they measure on students‟ reading skill is so high that if they want to get better result they will have to improve their reading skill. Compare with traditional method which has certain barriers, applying modern technology in teaching really motivate young learners. Changing the way students absorb reading text will better learning process, as a result they won‟t find the texts are not too long and daunting. 

 Due to the complicated situation of pandemic COVID -19 students‟ education is interrupted for sometimes, this causes metal anxiety, it may put stress on learners. Therefore, it is teacher who designs useful and fascinating lessons for students  

   Thirdly, no one can deny the benefits of mastering reading skill as makes people more knowledgeable about every aspects of life simply from how to make a delicious cake to how to protect oneself in situation these days. Not to mention about the large sum of vocabulary, structures, phrases etc… .Gradually, it builds up on young readers‟ strategies in doing reading exercises. 

  For the above reasons I choose the topic “Promoting  grade 10 students’ reading comprehension  competence through guided-cloze  theme based reading texts.” 

  1. The purpose of the research. 

 I apply this method in order to improve reading competence of grade 10 students who are using textbook Tieng Anh 10 model as material.  

  • The subject of the research. 

 The subject is the guided-closed theme based reading texts, which is equivalent to the content of the units in the textbook Tieng Anh 10. 

  • Scope of the subject. 

From unit 1 to unit 5 of the textbook Tieng Anh 10 model. 

  • Research Methods. 
  • Theoretical research. 

Based on the theory of reading comprehension and guided-close reading text on methodology book and the knowledge gained from the Internet. 

  • Practical research. 

Based on the current situations of teaching and learning languages, the need to equip  students with knowledge and skills in order to adapt new learning environment using digital platform. Certainly, every family or each student has a cell phone with internet access, so why not apply technology in reading skill. 


  • Theoretical and practical background. 

1.1. Theoretical background. 

  1. Competence for reading. 

According to Langer, a professor at Teaching College of Colombia University in America, for each reader with different basis knowledge will bring about different thought, imagination and appearance of the same text. Therefore, the more reader‟s background knowledge is attached to the text, the more conscious he gets of what is going to read. 

Reading is a process in which readers explore a message decoded in a text in a certain way, this opens  up new world for the readers or lead him to other important discovery. It can be seen that reading is a dynamic process in which our eyes are looking at the words while our brain is working hard to find out the meaning behind those words. For reading skills to be improved, readers must know the key factors that required such as vocabulary, experience, and skills. Generally, most readers follow a mock-up reading from the beginning to the end.  

Reading guided-closed test examine learner‟s competence in applying vocabulary, structure, and culture. Readers must co-ordinate experience, knowledge and skills to understand the text thoroughly. b. Types of reading. 

+ Skimming: Reading for main idea 

+ Scanning : for specific information related to event, fact.. 

 1.2. Requirements for innovation in teaching methods. 

 The target of the competence development teaching is to focus on developing leaner‟s virtue, competence and career orientation. In other words, the final quality is the key value of education. Every student more or less will have to sit for tests or exams several time, especially in those days the increasing demand for language certificate to be admitted into university or pot in job makes students more aware of  the importance of improving foreign language especially English. 

 In recent years, from real teaching experience, I see that students do not pay attention much to reading skills, as it is a difficult skill required several complement skills and knowledge. The old teaching method does not motivate learners and therefore does not bring any advance.  

 In addition to that, the situation has changed, in order to meet the demand of the increasingly difficult work market. Each must equipped themselves with necessary skills such as ICT, working skills and linguistic competence. Therefore, graduated high school students have to pass standard level needed so as to continue their higher education.  

Recently, many students have paid their attention to the competence tests conducted by prestigious  universities in which foreign language makes up a large scale in this test. As a result, the importance is raise higher than ever. 

1.3 The oriented qualities and competence gained in new secondary curriculum.     At the 8th  Central Conference course XI Vietnamese Communist Party a resolution on extensive renovation in education was issued, in which continue to strongly innovate and comprehend basic elements in education. Putting learner‟s qualities and competence  into centre of teaching process, developing learner‟s virtue and abilities assuring teaching knowledge , morality and career orientation. This renovation shift from content approach to competence approach, which lays down the need for changing the teaching methods. 

Also in this conference, the target goals are set in the rudimentary and extensive educational renovation, that is pay attention to development of physical, mental, qualities and competence of a modern and model citizen. Especially discover  and cultivate aptitude in learners and guide them in choosing their future job. 

 In order to meet the initial target, education must centre on forming and developing learners‟ ideas for the future life in co-orperation  with educate traditional value of the country. 

1.4. The real state of students’ reading skill at Tay Hieu Upper -Secondary School. 

 Through the teaching experience at Tay Hieu  Upper Secondary school, I see that the majority of students do not pay attention much to how to improve reading skills. While the need for the this skill is getting higher and higher when students have to sit for important tests such as GCSE or University Competence Test not to mention mid-term test and other ones. Though a large scale of marks are put on reading texts, many students ignore them or just circle the option in random. 

 Other reason to mention here is students have difficulty in new words and complicated structures to understand the reading texts thoroughly. Many students even do not have enough sufficient materials for their learning. Many of them are under pressure of taking tests and the marks, so they may realize the real competence they gain. 


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10, 11, 12
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