SKKN Some activities work in pairs or in groups effectively in Speaking lesson (English 11 – Basic)

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Sáng kiến kinh nghiệm “SKKN Some activities work in pairs or in groups effectively in Speaking lesson (English 11 – Basic)” triển khai gồm các biện pháp nổi bật sau:

1. General introduction
2. Organizing pair work and group work
a. Group and pair work depends on some extents
b. Organization steps
3. Some activities work in pairs or in groups

Mô tả sản phẩm





        The goal of education is currently focused on the development of dynamic, The creative and active  of students  enable them to identify and solve problems . To achieve this goal, changing teaching methods towards learners seriously – considered to be the subject of student activities to encourage active learning activities,  and creativity of the children in teaching process is essential.

       In foreign language teaching, this view is especially true because no one can replace learners in language learning and use them in active communication with the energy of their communication. Foreign language teaching methods is selected to communicate broad guidelines, communicative competence is the basic teaching, as communication is both a purpose and a means of teaching.  

    In the process of fact teaching at Hau Loc 3 Upper Secondary School, fact teaching in classes , I find that most students are lazy in giving ideas  and answering the questions . If the teachers apply traditional teaching methods in the lessons, students will be more and more passive in learning. So, through the form pairs or groups can support forms of work or working class individual. The training activities in pairs, two-way nature of the group, strengthening the exchange of information over the student or give the activities of communication practiced in class so students can communicate in confidence English. Through several years teaching English communication perspective I found the learning pair of practices really effective team.

        To do so, this teacher should study the content of each lesson in the textbook,  study subjects and suitable students, with teaching experience of ourselves, observe, talk to friends and colleagues in and outside of schools to choose  and organize  students to work in pair or group for suitable lessons, with cognitive abilities of the children and attract their attention, giving the atmosphere more lively lessons, relieved stress. To promote the initiative and creativity of students in acquiring knowledge.

      So I choose the theme: “Some activities work in pairs or in groups effectively in Speaking lesson (English 11-basic).” with the aim to exchange some experiences of myself in the process of teaching “ Speaking lesson”. I am very glad to receive the sharing and contributing ideas of collogues so that I can perfect in the process of applying and teaching facts.



-To introduce pair work and group work and to show the advantages of working in pairs and groups.

-To show how to organize pair and group work effectively and how to deal with initial problems that may arise.

-To show how pair and group work can be used for various classroom activities.

-To give teachers confidence in using pair and group work themselves.



-Scope: Researching in the process of teaching English at Hau Loc 3 Upper Secondary School.

Object: This subject is concerned with ways of organizing activities in the class.

Researching method:  Reading reference books, discussing with other teachers, applying in teaching, observing and drawing out experiences




The nature of the new teaching theory is promoting a positive, creative initiative of students, , student is the subject of learning activities, teacher organizes and guidances to students receiving new knowledge, language training through a variety of communication forms such as personal activities, pair work, group.

In the teaching process, to promote actively the activities of the student pairs,it is a form of good group learning activities . Through this form of learning conditions they have presented, discussed and expressed their thoughts about the information about lessons that they understand, . The information of each student can be right or may be wrong part. Through pair or group, they returned to their teacher. Since then teacher can know their understanding. This process is taking place in accordance with the two-way relations. In terms of learning theory, this is a dialectical relationship. Working in pairs or in group is to practise the students’ skills , thoughts and expression when they want to present their ideas before a class. Through this activity, the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing of students are improved better.


  1. The actual subject :

Nowadays, the application of traditional methods – centered teachers- are not suitable for the development of education. The innovation of teaching and learning method is affirming the advantages in the process of receiving lessons of students. In fact, the last aim of learning foreign language is to communicate. So in the period of  learning , students don’t speak much , there is no effect in that period. Foreign language teachers need to take advantages all chances to suggest students 


practising speaking more than other subjects. Therefore, the foreign language period is very different from other subject periods. Students are always willing to speak. They speak a lot and understand what other people speak, they can reach the aims of learning foreign language.

Hau Loc 3 Upper Secondary School belongs to six north west communes of Hau Loc, including Dai Loc, Thanh Loc, Cau Loc, Dong Loc , Chau Loc and Trieu Loc. The economic condition is not good and the social learning  is also not good so teaching and learning of teachers and students are having many difficulties. The approaching with books, newspapers and modern communication media is limited . Otherwise, the class is crowded . Level is uneven. Most students are in the status “losing basic knowledge” of Primary and Lower Secondary School’s knowledge. Besides, they consider English a difficult subject, so they are worried of learning. In the English period , the students are not confident in communicating because they are worried of speaking wrong or pronouncing not very exactly. Therefore, it is necessary for students to work in pairs or in group so as to interact each other and complete their task in the lesson.

In fact, excellent students are less than bad ones in my school. The feeling of boredom is commonly experienced by the students here. From observations and teaching experiences the author notes that the students always feel bored with working in each lesson. On the other hand, I often hear a lot of complaints from the colleagues: “Students seem so noisy and lazy and  bad students don’t do except for good ones . 

Moreover, some of the teachers of English at Hau Loc 3  High School find it difficult for them to organise the students working in pairs or in group successfully because of the class size, the students’ language level. 

Therefore, the idea of doing something useful for my colleagues and students has urged me to write the theme. I can find relevant techniques along with activities to organise my lessons working in pairs or in group effectly at Hau Loc 3 High School with the hope to make a little contribution to the quality of teaching and learning for Grade 11th  at Hau Loc 3 High School 

       The study is narrowed down to the area of speaking lessaon for grade 11 students at Hau Loc 3 High School with the textbook English 11. Specifically, this theme deals with the present situation in working pairs or group, the activities  motivate students to  to share ideas  and  knowledge . In  a speaking actictivity,  students  can  help  each  other  to  practise , students can give each other new ideas.


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