SKKN Using Wordwall to improve reading skill for 10th graders in teaching online



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Sáng kiến kinh nghiệm “SKKN Using Wordwall to improve reading skill for 10th graders in teaching online” triển khai gồm các biện pháp nổi bật sau:

– the teachers need to understand that online learning has a lot of advantages
– Teachers must recognize the need of keeping in contact with the students and understand what kind of activities can accomplish your goal
– The teacher should find out different kinds of tools that make teaching and assessment simple and easy
– I decided to use Wordwall in my reading lessons

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🕮  CONTENT  Page 
Part 1  Introduction 
I.  Reasons for the study 
II.  Aims of the study 
III.  Scope of the study 
IV.  Methods of the study 
V.  New features in the study‟s result 
Part II  Content 
I.  Theoretical and practical background 
1.  Reading skill 
1.1.  Definition of reading skill 
1.2  The importance of reading skill  
2.  Online teaching and learning 
2.1  Definition of online teaching and learning 
2.2  When is online teaching and learning carried out 
3.  Wordwall 
3.1  Definition of Wordwall 
3.2  Types of Wordwall 
3.3  Benefits of Wordwall in teaching reading lessons 
3.4  How to use Worwall in teaching online 
3.5  Some useful ways for using Wordwall in teaching reading  10 
4.  Research context  11 
4.1  Setting and Participants  11 
4.2  The reality of teaching and learning reading skill online at  1 – 5 high school  12 
4.3  Solution  12 
4.4  Stages of the study  13 
4.4.1  Instructional Procedure  13 
4.4.2  The Pre-test and Post-test Model  13 
II  Application in teaching  13 
III.  Result and discussion  34 
1.  Discussion of the main findings  34 
2.  Result of pre- test  35 
3.  Result of post- test  35 
4.  Suggestion  36 
Part III  Conclusion  38 
  References  39 
  Appendices  40 



  1. Reasons for the study

The teaching and learning environment brought by the COVID-19 pandemic led to the evolution of online teaching as an ineluctable tool for education and training. To ensure that the teaching curriculum does not become discontinued, online teaching was started in most schools. . This study highlights the students‟ perception of and motivation towards online classes in respect to internet connectivity and accessibility during COVID-19 pandemic. Since online teaching is essentially a student-centered learning approach, the motivational level of students plays an important role in making teaching protocols effective. 

Many students feel bored and tired with online learning. Therefore, in a world of online teaching and distance learning, teachers are trying to keep students engaged and connected in new ways. Online teaching tools are the most effective. They help students to be more excited and better.  

Wordwall lets teachers create interactive games, activities, and printables using a variety of provided templates. One of the great things about Wordwall is how easy it is to switch the template of an activity, without changing the content itself. The concept is simple: use the templates to create well-known activity types such as multiple choice, grouping or matching, or more complex games and quizzes.   

Wordwall is particularly useful for mixed-level classes, where teachers can assign fast finishers an activity which they can easily access online, even from their phone. It can also create a dynamic way to have class competitions. For any level of learner, Wordwall has potential to be used for self-study, as teachers decide which content to use in the activities. Teachers can set tasks for groups or individual learners by giving them an access code.  

Reading is one of the important skills in learning English. It requires students to know many words and knowledge. Wordwall is a tool to help students remember more vocabularies and have reading comprehension better.   

Through teaching process in Covid – 19, I find that using this tool is very effective and help the students motivate in learning reading lessons.  From the mentioned reasons above I want to choose the research “Using Wordwall to improve reading skill for 10th graders in teaching online” to help the students much more involved in the reading process in period of pandemic.   

  • Aim of the research 

This study aims to provide many skills to use Wordwall in teaching reading skill online. Using Wordwall fluently helps teachers to use many other tools effectively and diversely in many different classes. 

Wordwall creates many useful and creative games to help students more interested in long reading passages with lots of new words. Limiting time in each activity helps students answer the questions more and more skillfully. It not only helps students learn better in reading skills, but also creates excitement and motivates students to learn English more during the pandemic. 

  • Scope of the study 

This research is conducted with 10th form students at high school. The research focuses on whether Worwall can improve and how it affects these students‟ reading skill.  I have been using Wordwall to motivate and enhance student thinking skills through the reading text by using interesting games instead of responding the questions given in the textbook. 

  • Methods of the study 

This study using quantitative research method and online class observation aimed to determine whether Wordwall is able to enhance students‟ comprehension skills or have a positive effect on the ability of students to make sense of what they read. The author used data collection instrument to gather information about the students involved, monitor the progress of the students when they used Wordwall throughout the research, and determine the effectiveness of the activities based on the pre-tests and post-tests. 

The pre-tests were necessary to assess the reading comprehension level and skills the students possessed before the intervention of the strategy and used as a baseline score. The post-tests were used to determine the effectiveness of the strategy used by the students during the research process by comparing the pre-test scores to the ones taken at the end of the ten practice reading lessons. 

  • New features in the study’s result 

In my research, there are a lot of interesting games and activities which have high effectiveness and wide application. Many activities in textbook have been adapted suitably to all levels of students. These activities not only help students retain, organize, and evaluate the information by explicit instructions but also


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