SKKN Using worksheets to develop cooperation capacity in teaching the reading lessons in English 11 (New Textbook)

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Sáng kiến kinh nghiệm “SKKN Using worksheets to develop cooperation capacity in teaching the reading lessons in English 11 (New Textbook)” triển khai gồm các biện pháp nổi bật sau:

2.1. Analyzing the content structure of reading lessons in English 11
2.2. Design worksheets to teach reading lessons in English 11
2.3. Use worksheets to teach reading comprehension passages to
develop collaborative skills

Mô tả sản phẩm


  1. Reason for choosing the topic 

Socio-economic development is always accompanied by changes in its constituent elements. Realizing that rule, our Party and State have considered Education and Training as the top national policy and have always paid attention to its development. The Resolution of the 8th Plenum of the Party Central Committee on fundamental and comprehensive renovation of education and training stated: “Continue to strongly renew teaching and learning methods towards modernity; promote positivity, initiative, creativity and application of knowledge and skills of learners; overcome the one-way imposed transmission, remembering machines. Focus on teaching how to learn, how to think, encouraging students to self-study, creating a basis for learners to update and renew knowledge, skills, and capacity development. 

The capacity development-oriented educational program does not specify detailed teaching contents, but specifies the desired outcomes of the educational process, on that basis, general guidelines have been given on the select content, organizational methods and evaluate teaching results to ensure the achievement of teaching objectives. According to the provisions of the new educational program, learning objectives are often described through a system of competencies. The desired learning outcomes are described in detail and can be observed and assessed. Students should achieve the required results specified in the program. The introduction of training standards also aims to ensure the quality management of education outcomes-oriented. 

Currently, our country is integrating strongly internationally. That trend is posing a very heavy task to the education sector of our country, which is to train a class of qualified and capable people to provide human resources to participate in economic, cultural and social development. society in a sustainable way. 

In the process of teaching under the new general education program in general and the general education program in English in particular, there are many competencies and qualities that need to be formed for students. One of the competencies identified as the core that needs to be formed for students is the ability to cooperate. 

Cooperation capacity is one of the 9 core competencies that have been developed for the post-2015 program of the Ministry of Education and Training. Because, cooperation is one of the indispensable competencies to help learners succeed in study and in life now and in the future. 

The ability to cooperate is to work together with others to achieve a common goal by determining the goals and activities that one can undertake, knowing the needs and characteristics of others to organize, support and share experiences, mobilize everyone to participate in completing the work . 

The practice of teaching English in high schools in general and high schools in particular is still heavy on knowledge preparation, not paying enough attention to the development of competencies for learners, including legal competence. Therefore, in the coming time, this capacity needs to be paid attention and developed regularly in classroom hours to contribute to the formation of a comprehensive quality and capacity for learners. 

Starting from the theoretical and practical bases of teaching in high schools, we decided to choose and implement the topic: “Using worksheets to develop cooperation capacity in teaching the reading lessons in English 11 (New 


  • Research purpose 

Design and use worksheets to teach reading comprehension passages to develop students’ cooperative ability 

  • Subjects and objects of research  

3.1. Research subjects 

        The process of designing and using learning cards to teach and develop cooperation capacity 

3.2. Research object 

The process of teaching English reading lessons in English 11 

  • Scientific hypothesis 

If designing a good worksheet system and use study them to organize and teach the reading lessons by a reasonable process, students can develop cooperation capacity. 

  • Scope of research  

Using worksheets to organize teaching activities of the reading lessons to develop cooperation capacity for students. 

  • Research mission 
  • Research the theoretical and practical basis of teaching to develop cooperation capacity for students 
  • Analyze content knowledge of English 11 reading comprehension passages to serve as a basis for determining the contents of organization and activities to develop cooperation capacity. 
  • Research and propose the process of organizing teaching activities to develop cooperation capacity for students 
  • Develop a set of criteria to evaluate students’ cooperation capacity  
  • Pedagogical experiment to test the scientific hypothesis of the topic. 
  1. Research Methods

7.1. Theoretical research methods 

  • Research relevant documents to serve as a theoretical basis for the topic such as: teaching manuals for capacity development, documents on active teaching methods, etc. 
  • Research the content of reading comprehension passages in English 11 to design and organize teaching activities. 
  • Research other relevant documents: articles, research results related to the research direction of the topic, etc. 

7.2. Methods of pedagogical investigation 

  • Survey and attend English classes at high schools. 
  • Communicate directly with teachers and students about the application of active teaching methods to develop cooperation capacity in teaching English in high school. 
  • Using questionnaires for teachers and students. 

7.3. Expert method 

Get opinions from scientists, high school teachers with experience on the survey questionnaire system for teachers and students; Consult experts about the process of building and using worksheets for teaching to develop cooperation capacity. 

7.4. Experimental method of pedagogy 

  • Purpose 

In order to test the effectiveness of using worksheets in teaching English in reading comprehension lessons (English 11) to develop cooperation capacity for students. 

  • Content 

Conduct experiments at Dien Chau 4 High School and Dien Chau 5 High School to evaluate the effectiveness of worksheets for cooperation capacity training in English teaching. 

  • How to proceed 

 Experimental class: lesson plan designed in the direction of using worksheets 

After the experimental lesson, conduct a 15-minute test and assess students’ cooperation ability 

  1. Contributions of the topic 
  • Contributing to systematization of theory and practical basis of organizing teaching activities to develop cooperation capacity for students in teaching English at high school. 
  • Develop a process to use worksheets to organize teaching reading lessons in English 11 in order to develop cooperation capacity for students. 
  1. Structure 

Our topic has a structure including an introduction, conclusion, appendices and the main content of the topic divided into 3 chapters. 

Chapter 1: Theoretical and practical basis of the topic; 

Chapter 2: Using worksheets to develop cooperation capacity for students in teaching reading lessons in English 11 

Chapter 3: Pedagogical experiment. 






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