SKKN Applying wordwall as a tool to teach idioms and pharasal verbs for the 12th grande students



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Sáng kiến kinh nghiệm SKKN Applying wordwall as a tool to teach idioms and pharasal verbs for the 12th grande students triển khai gồm các biện pháp nổi bật sau:

– The library provides students with an enormous source of learning materials and references. All of classrooms in the school are equipped with smart TVs, computers are linked with wireless network, which is convenient for all of the teachers and students.
– applying Wordwall in teaching idioms and phrasal verbs is effective way to learn English recently. This app can be used in online classes, offline classes, and is the best way to set assignmnets for students.
– conduct a classroom action research which focus on improving my students‟ exam results by applying Wordwall to teach idioms and phrasal verbs.

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1. The neccessity of applying Wordwall in teaching idioms and phrasal verbs.  

Most of the countries in the world have been fighting the invisible enemy, which is called Covid – 19. It  considers  as  a  dangerous  disease  that threatens human beings. Due to its dangers on human life and its fast spread all over the world, most of the countries went to lockdown. The governments of most countries required to lockdown malls, super markets, stadium, theaters, educational institutions and so on. Therefore, the world began  to  use  technology  extensively,  not  only  the  ICT tools  such as applications,  websites, YouTube  channels,  webinars,  and  many  others  are  all  been  used during the Covid-19 pandemic. These tools enable teachers to creat the lessons and upload the teaching materials on their shool websites, whereas the students can use different applications  such  as  Zoom,  Google  Meet, Microsoft Team,  etc.  During this  crisis, the teachers start to organize webinars extensively, and students can  join  any  webinar  by  one  of  the  applications.  The students  exploit  their  time  by  attending  webinars  on  different subjects. One of the best things in the motivation of learners to study more, I think that Wordwall is a suitable application for students to learn more effective.  

Moreover, English is one of the international languages which been used all over  the  world.  It  considers  the  means  of  communication and learning as well. Integrate ICT with the teaching and learning methodology is a vital step toward the improvement  of  teaching  and  learning  strategies. So, apply some applications such as Kahoot, Quizzi, and especially Wordwall is getting a lot of effectiveness in teaching and learning English in the recent time. Besides, Technology has been used for various purposes in indicate that  education is  the backbone of  any society  and one of the essential factors for building any nation.  Due  to  the  importance  of  education  in  our  life, technology has been applying in  the Teaching and learning process. Information communication  technology (ICT)  has been used in education  during the 21  century. Most of  the governments  included  ICT  as  one  of  the  curricula  in education. It considers the modern methods which  help in the  growth of  higher thinking  capabilities.  The ICT  tools regard  an  essential  which  have  been  used  in  every classroom. It helps in enhancing the quality of education for the teachers and the students as well. 

As we know, to grade 12th students, idioms and phrasal verbs learning is especially important because they appear in the entrance test papers. Many idioms and phrasal verbs exist in reading passages that may prevent them from reading comprehension. Some idioms and phrasal verbs appear in some separate questions. Therefore, to get high scores in the final exams to get GCSE certificate and to win a place in the universities, students have to get a good knowledge of idioms and phrasal verbs as well. 

The purpose of this experience is to give out some positive effects of 

Wordwall‟s activities about  idioms and phrasal verbs  to students‟ learning process. These effects include level of students‟ engagement, language acquisition and logical thinking. It also has the best effects on doing the test papers in the national examination.  

2. Some difficulties of teaching and learning idioms and phrasal verbs for the 12th grade students. 

First of all, phrasal verbs and idioms are considered as a problematic area for wide sector of EFL learners in secondary schools. The meaning of the phrasal verbs and idioms is often very 2 different from the meanings of the two words taken separately. In order to understand the meaning of a phrasal verb and an idiom, one may have to refer to the dictionary. Most of the students at high school find it challenging to use idioms and phrasal verbs in communication and to deal with the questions relating to them. The author has conducted some pieces of interview to have a close look to the difficulties that teachers and students have to face when teaching and learning idioms and phrasal verb for the 12th grade students.  

The second one, teaching phrasal verbs and idioms  is a difficult area. Many studies have proved that contextualization has an important positive effect on the ability of the students to decipher the correct meaning of a phrasal verb or an idiom. There is no specified way or a programmed manner in which a student can learn all the phrasal verbs and  idioms as well. The only way to acquire such knowledge is byextensive reading and listening” (Al-Sibai, 2003). As proposed by Cornell (1985), phrasal verbs and idioms are notably essential to comprehend and communicate with native speakers since they are commonly used in spoken and informal written language. EFL learners may find it difficult to understand and use phrasal verbs and idioms so they tend to avoid using them. 

Furthermore, phrasal verbs and idioms are considered one of most important tool of vocabularies acquisition; and all EFL students must get familiar with them to be fluent in English language. Unfortunately; almost all EFL learners never consider phrasal verbs and idioms  and tend to avoid them in their everyday and academic use. 

Last but not least, phrasal verbs and idioms  are one of the most difficult areas for learners and teachers alike, especially in an ES/EFL context. Yet, it is a very fruitful feature to help communicate effectively and help students to get good marks in the examination. Therefore, applying appropriate teaching approach need to be considered to reduce learners‟ frustration and to promote their understanding and their use of phrasal verbs and idioms. As a result, Wordwall is a nescessity app to teach phrasal verbs and idioms more effectively.  

Therefore, in my teaching experience, I would like to recommend this method to help students to improve the using of phrasal verbs and idioms in English, especially for  12th graders: “Applying Wordwall as a tool to teach idioms and phrasal verbs for the 12th grade students”

However, this study can‟t be perfect in limited time. Therefore, I hope that the colleagues‟ contribution will make it more perfect.  


In the span of ten years have witnessed a revolutionary change in the Information Technology and have also changed the way of working for various IT companies. This rapid rise in technology has offered a better design to explore the new teaching model. As a matter of fact, technology plays a vital role in English language & Teaching (ELT). Technology has enabled teachers to adapt to various classroom activities, hence enhancing or encouraging the English learning process. Learning the English language is not a piece of cake, especially idioms and phrasal verbs, you really have to work hard for it. Information technology may assist as the real educational structure allowing learners to learn English in a totally different way. Besides, technology is an effective tool for learners. Learners must use technology as a significant part of their learning process. Teachers should model the use of technology to support the curriculum so that learners can increase the true use of technology in learning their language skills. 

The selection of Wordwall applications in the development of learning media is due to the wonderful features found in Wordwall applications such as open the box, random wheel, flip tiles, matching, game show quiz, maze chase, ect… that will attract the attention of students, ranging from early childhood education, basic education, secondary education, and higher education. Particularly, the 12th grade students, who are too stressful with a lot of work in many subjects at high school. Wordwall can help me to create many interesting lessons in order to motivate students to learn more for their exams.  

The idea of applying Wordwall applications in teaching and learning process has attracted the considerable interest of many educators as well as teachers in over around the world for a long time. However, in Vietnam the exploitation of potential of Wordwall in teaching idioms and phrasal verbs lessons seem to be very limited, particularly some mountainous areas like my location. Recently, Wordwall 

application seems to be one of the most effective solutions for learners‟ engagement, motivation for language acquisition as well as logical thinking. With an increasing degree of complexity, it is highly vital to promote deep learning. Therefore, applying wordwall in teaching idioms and phrasal verbs for the 12 graders has been becoming more and more facilitation today. 


The aims of this study are: 

  • To give out a brief overview on Wordwall applications created by information teachnology. 
  • To discuss the best way to teach English 12, especially idioms and phrasal verbs. 
  • To give some lectures samples to teach idioms and phrasal verbs by using Wordwall applications. 
  • To design some activities with Wordwall about idioms and phrasal verbs for teaching online as well as teaching offline. 
  • To propose some suggestions and recommendations to attract students‟ attention in learning English.  
  • To reduce students‟ stress and pressure in English lessons of idioms and phrasal verbs. 
  • To produce a dynamic and stimulating environment by using Wordwall.  


To complete my study, I draw from experience from my own teaching, especially in teacing for 12th grade students. I also consult a lot of documents and my colleagues about their teaching experiences. Moreover, I carry out surveys among grade 12 students. I also use comparative methods (Compare the differences between my colleagues‟ periods and mine, compare the differences of the periods before and after application). 


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