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Sáng kiến kinh nghiệm “SKKN Sử dụng một số công cụ hỗ trợ hấp dẫn để dạy một tiết học online hiệu quả” triển khai gồm các biện pháp nổi bật sau:

Step 1: The teacher introduces the name, purpose of the game and online support tools.
Step 2: Instructions to play, do exercises. This step includes the following steps:
Step 3: Perform games, do exercises
Step 4: Comment after the match

Mô tả sản phẩm


  1. Reasons for the study. 

According to the Ministry of Education and Training 2021, online teaching is an activity to support or replace face-to-face teaching at a general education institution. The newly teaching model applied, typically “online training”, is one of the optimal solutions. It is capable of meeting the urgent needs in learning and teaching. Moreover, it is facilitating multi-level training. 

Especially in the current context, the Covid-19 epidemic still has many complicated developments. Many schools have been requisitioned for epidemic prevention and control. Many construction and repair works have been suspended. There are also some  teachers and students who are F0  being treated at home or being in isolation cannot go to school directly. Therefore, online teaching is the most suitable and  interesting choice of the teaching staff of the education sector. The only and optimal method that is able to equip people with knowledge skills, and especially to ensure a learning plan for the general education system. So how to teach online effectively? The most effective is a matter of concern for educational administrators, teachers, parents and students. 

Unlike face-to-face classes, online lessons do not have much time and opportunities for students to interact and exchange information with other students, reducing the ability to communicate between students. Therefore, the problem of exchanging, connecting and enhancing mutual learning is a limitation. Especially for introverts, it is easy to fall into isolation and receive little support. Students will not even interact with the teacher, leading to the teacher having a hard time to  manage the students and the class is becoming boring. In order to have a good quality online English class, giving students an excitement when absorbing the lesson, the teacher must really have unique and attractive methods. Through the process of online teaching, I realize that in addition to the knowledge and style of a foreign language teacher, the teaching method is also an extremely important factor in attracting students’ interest, concentration and interest as well love the subject. Currently, there are many new teaching methods that have been applied in the online teaching process. These are good methods, easy to use and have contributed to improving the quality of the subject. Through the process of teaching online, I have applied “Some interesting support tools for teaching online effectively” to my lessons to stimulate students’ interest in learning.   Personally, I find that using some attractive support tools in teaching and learning English online is really effective. Students feel excited when learning English through these support tools. 

To be honest, there are inevitable shortcomings and mistakes in my study in such limited time. I am glad to have more constructive opinions and helpful supports from my colleagues so that it will be more perfect and applicable. 

  1. Aims of the study 

The aims of this study are: 

  • To create the harmonic atmostphere which sets the establishment of rapport between teachers and students in learning online.  
  • To make students more motivated and interested in learning English.  
  • To help students improve their memories and make learning fun . 
  • To increase students’ experiential learning on the basis: “Playing in learning”. 
  • To promote students’ communicative and cooperative skills . 

-To boost students’ confidence and help them become more student-centred and student-initiated. 

-To encourage students’ peer-assessment and empower them to take action to improve their performance. 

  • To help students understand the aim of their learning so as to raise students’ achievement. 

III. Methods of the study 

  • Apply and adapt some essential knowledge from the workshops and classes I have participated in before. 
  • On the basic of my experiential learning and teaching online. 
  • Cooperate with my colleagues to share the problems and get their useful supports. 
  • Make full use of a variety of support tools. 
  • Implement the surveys among the students to find out the necessary figures and solutions to the problems. 
  1. Scope of the study 

The students at Quynh Luu 2 High school. 


  1. Theoretical and practical background 
  • Theoretical background 
  • What are online teaching support tools? 

Online teaching support tools are additional support software for teachers to manage students, deliver assignments, grade and track student learning progress as well as organize online lessons.  


  • Why should teachers use online support tools? 

Online support tools are designed so that students can apply a variety of skills. Teachers should use projects in their teaching and assessment process for a number of reasons. 

  • Online support tools help students develop all skills such as listening, speaking, reading, writing, communication…. With this combination of skills, students become directors and managers of their own learning process, guided and mentored by a skilled teacher. 
  • Online support tools bring learning relevance. By incorporating digital technology into the curriculum, students are encouraged to become independent workers, critical thinkers and lifelong learners. 
  • Online support tools are not only a way of learning but also a way of working together and students must learn to take responsibility for their own learning. 
  • Online support tools make the review process more authentic. It develops students’ ability to work with their peers, building teamwork and teamwork skills. It also helps teachers communicate in progressive and meaningful ways with students about a variety of issues. 
  • Schools that practice learning using online tools see an increase in collaborative learning skills and improved student achievement. 

1.3 Disadvantages of online support tools. 

  • Organizing games, or making exercises using supporting tools takes a lot of time, affecting the teaching progress. 
  • The better students receive more praise, which causes the inferior students to become discredited in the class. It leads to some worse students not participating in the game  for many different reasons: they will feel bored, lose time. Moreover, in order to play games, or to practice using support tools, students must have good equipment, high-speed and stable network. 
  • Using online support tools is a difficult method that requires a lot of time for teachers, so teachers need to know the methods and ways of organizing, composing games, making exercises and If you are good at information technology, you can run it well. 
  • Some applications students can cheat when doing the test. 
  • Teachers are familiar with the traditional teaching method of lecturing, discussing, asking students to memorize materials to take tests. However, by using online support tools, teachers must act as facilitators rather than disseminators. This will be unfamiliar to some teachers, and they may have difficulty breaking free from their past habits. 

1.4. The role of Online support tools. 

Games or exercises  used through Online support tools are a source of encouragement and interest in learning for students. They are often considered as the first step to attract students’ attention to the foreign language teaching environment. For most games, competition between players and teams is a powerful learning motivator for students. This statement lets us know that Games can play a really important role in the language online classroom. Games or exercises  used through support tools have shown that : 

  • Improves concentration . 
  • Improves memory.  
  • Brings a sense of community to a group . 
  • Motivates learning . 
  • Relaxes people who are overwhelmed or stressed.  
  • Makes learning fun.  
  • Helps learners absorb lessons . 

1.5. Features of tools to support online teaching. 

  • Games or exercises  used through online teaching support tools ask a question or poses a problem that each student can answer. Issues can be discussed.  All teachers can support, encourage and model. 
  • Online teaching support tools allow students to delve deeper into content in a more direct and meaningful way. Students will have different learning styles, specific experiences and practices that are brought together in the learning process. 

Students also have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge 

  • Online teaching support tools require students to investigate problems in the curriculum. By creating bridges between subjects, students view knowledge historically, rather than looking at isolated facts. 
  • Online teaching aids promote students’ understanding to help them answer questions correctly.  

1.6. The role of teachers and students in online lessons 

1.6.1. The role of the teacher 


10, 11, 12
Tiếng anh


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